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This written statement will explore personal and professional factors that I think will impact how I will work with families in the future.
One personal factor that I believe will impact how I work with families is through seeing different types of parenting within my own extended family. Baumrind suggests that there are three key categories that parents fall into, they are known as authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. An authoritative parent is affectionate towards their children, often offering lots of support and very responsive to the child’s needs. An authoritarian parent would set very high standards on the child and can be quite dismissive if the child didn’t meet the high expectations set. Finally, a permissive parent will vary with the support towards the child, and tend to lack interest in their life, they will either overindulge the child’s demands or show little love and affection. (Adams, Jessiman. 2012) Within my extended family, I have seen examples of all these types of parenting and seen how they can positively and negatively affect children’s’ lives. One example would be witnessing the effects of a permissive parent, in the sense of showing the child very little affection and no interest in their life. The child turned to acting out to try and gain the parent’s attention. Adams. Jessiman (pg102 2012) states that “Permissive parents are likely to raise children who lack self-control and empathy for others, are disrespectful of authority and score low on measures of self-esteem.” I will be able to use this information when I work with families to notice the signals early on of how parent’s treatment affects the child’s life and be able to offer support and advice to both the parents and the child.
One place where I learned professionally how to work with children was when I completed my young leadership award with Girl Guiding. With this qualification, I had to go through several tests and training sessions to be able to pass. A lot of what I learnt through doing this I will be able to use when I work with families. One example of this would be the importance of safeguarding children, which I would consider to be one of the most important roles of being a social worker. While being a young leader doesn’t have as much of an impact of children’s lives as social workers, it was necessary to always be aware of the signs, especially having a trustful relationship with them, they may feel more comfortable talking to a young leader than a teacher. Being able to recognise some of the signs that a child is being abused at home is a skill that will highly benefit the impact that I will be able to make on families.
In conclusion, I believe that my personal factor will help me to make an impact on families because I have witnessed myself the effect that parent’s affection can have on children’s behaviour and how to notice the signs of this. My experience with training to be a young leader will help me because it has taught me how to recognise the signs that children portray and be able to protect them from mistreatment.

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