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Through the evolution of the technical world man always tried to look for ways to make their work and life easier. Man was never satisfied, so the concept of computerization was applied to give solutions and accurate data to different problems from different fields. (Sing, 2015). In this generation the needs of humans became more widely with the use of a computer and new technology it can meet the needs of the people. A Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk is a process of collecting, monitoring and managing of the student attendance. With this system manual process of collecting attendance can be exterminated.
In this present generation, a precise data is very necessary in maintaining the principle of research. (Shailendra, et al., 2015). The human life become easier because of the new technology arises. This system would make the process easier than their manual process. The system would be a big help in monitoring of attendance. The record can be easily tracked and can be managed well.
The researcher proposed a Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk. The system is intended to make the organization easier in their process.

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