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Title kind of explains it all. I’m going almost a whole day without sleep, honestly not the first time in a while but it’s starting to hit me pretty bad.I don’t really know why this is gonna be a thing, I might just leave it as a draft. Idk. I’m rambling.Alright, so it’s almost been a month of me being on this amino, so far I’ve made at least one friend on here which is pretty good progress I guess. I’m still a bit shy so I need to overcome that annoying quirk. I mean I’m not gonna find a suitable partner just waiting around for them to message me.Then again rejection isn’t fun but it’s a part of life so it’s bound to happen to me quite a bit.Also January is coming to it’s end and in comes Febuary, the bane of every single person’s existence since the theme of love is even more present. It doesn’t bother me that much, I mean I’ve been single for longer than I’ve been in relationships.(I mean like my whole life in it’s entirety, like I went 14 years without being in a relationship besides platonic ones)So the thought of rushing into something with someone for the sake of having a valentine on said day isn’t on my list of priorities especially since it would be coming up in less than a month.That’s just a diaster waiting to happen.Oh and what the hell was up with this month anyways like jeez.2018 sure started off on an interesting note and just continued to surprise us.Kinda a makes me a little worried about how the year will turn out but it’s better to look forward to the positives than the negatives.Went through some of my old music that was on an old mp3 player I found in my room and omg I had Hey There Delilah on repeat for a couple of days same with Axel F and Better Off Alone, and my god my “emo” phase music. Jesus the nostalgia and cringe. I even hate myself for even having a single song from Blood On The Dance Floor let alone 12 of them but they’re just such guilty pleasure songs.Can’t say I’m surprised though since I know my music taste is pretty awful.Have you ever tripped in your dream and you jerk yourself awake from your leg spasm out of nowhere? Or if you wake up from falling a really high height and you’re sitting there clutching your heart wondering what was going on?Well I recently (like a few years ago) read that one theory is that your heartrate was so slow it triggered a message in your brain that your heart wasn’t pumping enough blood throughout your body and your inhale, and exhales became more and more longer thus causing your brain to shoot a signal to your heart to sort of ‘jumpstart’ it in response. Making you suddenly jerk awake.This is just one of the few theories some experts came up with. One I’m more familiar with is that something is trying to steal your soul but in response your body reacts by waking up to pull it back in. Another version was that an angel was trying to take your soul to heaven for some unexplained reason.Kind of makes you wonder right?I don’t know why I do this to myself, maybe it’s because subconsiously hate myself to an extent that I’m trying to sabotage my own sanity in some way. Well whatevers left of it anyways.I’m tired, leave me to my thoughts. And memes.Speaking of

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