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To get to the root of this topic, it has to be realized that the theory of human superiorityexists because of different requirements and cultures. It is noticeable from Singer P’s book(1991) 1A view that: “Humans are just like any other animal, we don't deserve any specialtreatment.” The fact that at this point, humans are the most dangerous predators. Andhumans tend to think ourselves to be better and smarter than other animals as. In the otherwords, humans just consider ourselves as gods and make rules to decide who or what willlive or become humans’ tools. Just because humans are at the top of the food web andextremely powerful, does that give us – humans the privileges to take animals’ rights away?Nowadays, humans reflect ourselves as the king of planet earth which lead to the arbitraryright for humans to treat any animals as implements. And it’s clear that widening heavyindustries and exploiting natural materials is the fastest way to destroy and demolishanimals’ habitats and also the Earth itself. For example, humans pulling down trees andwiping out all forest for personal needs as 13 million hectares of forest have been convertedinto skyscrapers and humans’ utilities 21 . Also with a few experiments taken by WHO, it hasshown that in balanced diet meat takes over 20% of 35% nutrients intake daily for aperfectly healthy person 32 . And there are 7.6 billion (to the nearest number in January2018) citizens all around the world which consumes a huge amount of meat each day. Asbased on the global meat consumption 43 , the total amount of meat consumption was 68355 thousand tones in 2016. Furthermore, in the journal “Animal Behavior and Cognition”by neuroscientists – Lori Marino and Kristin Allen called "The Psychology of Cows" 54 , theyhave shown that cows have exactly the same emotions as boredom, shyness and stresswhich affect and alter their daily actions and schedule just like humans. Creatures haveadditional feelings as they further have same emotions like humans as they show adore,love toward their families. Creatures further endure torment, emotions, as physically orrationally. Base on the research of Gregory Berns, a professor of neuroscientist economicsat Emory University, Atlanta 65 has shown from the x-ray scan of dogs’ brains that they havethe same parts for emotions as humans do. Also with a careful study by Swiss researchersled by Redouan Bshary 76 have documented that cleaners fish also are very careful withtheir patrons as they gently caressing them with their fins. As they show their carefulness toothers as humans do.But it has been seen that numerous circumstances when individuals don't expose anygenerosity towards creatures. Individuals put an end to various types of creatures forHan Dinh ManhIGCSE 10SNguyen Sieu SchoolGlobal Perspectives 2018unique events, for example, parties, weddings that demonstrates the cruelty ofhumans. Animals are not only being used for food, they are also being used forentertainment. To be specific, in Vietnam, it is no need for permission to use all kind ofanimals for any purposes. As the news from 87 Thanh Nien News “Da Nang animal charityaccused of selling dogs to restaurants” by Dieu Hien (Sunday, April 17, 2016) in Dan Nang –Vietnam and also images of dogs’, cats’ meat uploaded by The Guardian, have shown thateven the government organization could freely use animals for money and profit. This hasshown that our policies are not strong enough and thoughtful enough to protect animals.Only from the small part of the world which is in Vietnam, it is clear that even the closestand most loyalty pet like dogs or cats can be killed for food. Furthermore, it is not the short-term action, it has existed in Vietnam for decades. Most of the Vietnamese citizens considerthat as ordinary which is a huge difference from the Western and also some other Asiancountries traditional and perspectives. Unluckily, the technology is not good enough for usto understand what animals want. But it is sure that animals do not want to be humans’slaves and tools. This life just accidentally took away their right to be free. Not only beingused, animals are also being slaughtered and terminated for other industrial benefits. Withall the evidence and data from PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 98 it hasbeen showed that millions of wild animal’s populations such as crocodiles or grey bears arebeing killed for their smooth and fashionable fur and skin. The costumers have to paythousands of dollars for a piece of cloth and that money is being transferred right intofashion’s company pocket. It is bitter that nobody would stand up for animals’ rights ratherthan enjoy that piece of fur cloth. Moreover, scientists and organizations are using animalsfor vaccine and drugs testing experiments was showed in “Drug abuse potential evaluationin animals” by Robert L. Balster.It is clear that there are many different perspectives on this topic. It is reasonable that mostof us do not care much about animals. As we live on Earth for millions of years and we arefreely using animals to survive and to live our life. For example, we use them as foodsupplies, clothes, entertainment and so on from the beginning of human race. Most of usare not bothering about extinction and animals’ rights as it leads to a global issue nowadays.It is obvious that talking is easier than actual doing. Which leads to numerous reasons whichgo against the statement: “We should stop abusing animals and other creatures”. The “hardpart” here is that we have no courage and better technologies to stop using other animalsas implements. Why is it “a hard action”? The reason is that animals are the key which keepsus alive. Animals play a crucial role in our life which it is still maintaining to be indispensablematerials for foods and industries. In the other words, the human cannot live without othersspecies. Until today, there is no competitor or replacement for animals as most of ourresources and tools rely largely on the animals. For example, nowadays, even though thereare some sort of replacements such as artificial meat but it is nothing match to the originals.Han Dinh ManhIGCSE 10SNguyen Sieu SchoolGlobal Perspectives 2018Technologies could be elevated and improved for our food supplies. In the other hand, forscience experiment field, it could be a terribly and dangerously risk for scientists to usehumans as the testing subjects. Furthermore, the world need some sacrifices to savemillions of others. In reality, it is undeniable that animals could not be replaced by any otherforms. Despite the fact that animals are irreplaceable, we as humans cannot treat animalslike rubbish or junk. As it was scientifically proved that animals do have emotions likehumans which consider them as intelligence and amiable. Which leads to the fact that theyhave the right to live and experience life just like humans do. Humans cannot replace “thefood” instantly but we have the ability to give them a hand and help them. As no more wildanimals will be captured and tortured illegally and they will be protected by the wholehuman kinds. Even though there is no excuse for the action of killing animals but it isreasonable when we grow our own limited kind of “products” for meat as far as they are notendangered species. The reason is that we can breed thousands of ordinary pigs or cowstogether for “meat” but other animals in wildlife are so rare. From the data of WWF – WorldWildlife Fund’s data 109 , it has been shown that if there were 100 million different specieson Earth, at least 10 thousand species will go extinct every year. So that it is undeniable thatwe can use animals for our daily supplies but humans have no right to wipe them out ofexistence or slaughtered like rubbish. For this part of the conclusion, we just use what iscommonly needed like “pork, beef, lamb” and so on but we cannot put an end to thewildlife animals. As the human, ourselves have a responsibility to keep on with generatingand saving animals’ genetic information to prevent the global extinction of species.It is still controversial that “should we use animals as our tools”. In my opinion, it is wrong touse any animals in any kinds of way to make our life better. But as it was mentioned above,we cannot survive without animals. To myself, it is considered as a natural thing to useanimals for our goods. It is true that humans have to fulfill our minimal needs as pork, beefand lamb are extremely needed which leads to killing some animals. Charles Darwin 11B oncesaid: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent thatsurvives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Naturally in the food web, it is clearthat the predators always eat and use the lower ones for their own goods. It happens thesame to humans as we are just adapting to the environment. Any healthy body need allneeded nutrients for living as there are plenty of them in animals’ meat. But it must beunderstood and realize our limitation, we cannot kill all animals to fulfill all our needs likemany companies or illegal hunters are slaughtering thousands of wildlife animals forpersonal benefits. Moreover, it is too narrow-minded to think that meat industries arenothing more than cruel and cold-blooded. In fact, it is a good thing for all species. As it willbe a more sustainable source of food which mean that it is not necessary to kill other morewild animals anymore. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to keep animals’ genes safeforever. It also will increase the chance for biodiversity as many good offspring will be bornand discovered. About the other fact about zoos or circus which keep animals forentertainment. That it is not only bringing join for humans but it is also bringing join toHan Dinh ManhIGCSE 10SNguyen Sieu SchoolGlobal Perspectives 2018animals, as they will interact with many people and stay away from outlaw hunters as far asthey are not be harmed. Moreover, as they will be taught some tricks which lead to a highereducation for increasing animals’ intelligence. In parallel, it is required that governmentsneed stronger and harder punishments for illegal harvesting of wild animals and animalsproducts supplies. The only thing that we have to be conscious of and always fight for is thatwe have no right to make them suffer a hard and dark life as they should not be slaughterthem and treat them like rubbish anymore now and the future. We must feel grateful thatthe Mother Nature giving us the key to surviving and to co-existing on this planet and treatall living species well as many as possible.

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