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to be ‘having a dialogue with individuals’,1 but his ‘neutral’ choice of King Lear to be performed in Singapore’s Kallang Theatre in January 1999 casts Rustom Bharucha to question the convoluted funding,2 arising issue such as government’s financial support on autochthony, or nativeness and push the boundaries on examining de facto one party Singapore’s 50-year ruling party PAP’s “unapologetic anti-liberal’ policies that lead to a society where individual competition mounting human conscience.3 Being a citizen of the country with severe wealth disparity,4 Ong is one of the few directors who cultivate intercultural study with King Lear initiates the audience in political retrospection, subsequently in the 2006 General Election, national vote sought a drop to 67% share to total votes in 2006 compare to its 70% in 2001 and further decreased to 60% in 2011.5  Such practical projection is developed in the millennial turn after the successive political successes to seemingly encourage the social approach that Ong warns against: the inclusion of individual voice is dismissed. This fear is symbolised when the ruling Older Daughter’s storming instruction to ‘kill the memories’ to describe the predicament of minority who should not have ‘words’ shall not remember. In order to ensure the social conscience the state, Ong make sure the audience learn Younger Daughter’s death’s direct link to her protection over her father as ‘fidelity’ is the fundamental ground rules of humanity. Far from encouraging this concern for the individual wellbeing, a ‘collective and communitarianism’ which are always in favour of majority. Years after Ong’s final public performance in Singapore in 2012, when lessons has been learnt from its slump in votes – and scholar reviews that are elicited by Ong’s King Lear – in 2015, with much efforts in enrolling new policies, such as stipend for elderly citizens, PAP’s share of vote bounces back to 70%. Clearly, by reinventing King Lear, Ong’s reconfiguration of absolute ‘power’ play allows questions to the patriarchal authority of current social system, while his ideal social values the play opposes to contradicts the wealth-poverty polar society,6 notwithstanding the irresistible compromises of misogynistic depiction may be an antidote the play’s conquest over political transparency.



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In this paper, we analysed potential caveats symbolic meanings of Cordelia’s contemporary and modern recoveries carries as a moral justice. All three scripts are examined, with the focuses on Cordelia’s and her correspondents’ lines. This paper mirrored almost every aspect of Cordelia’s beliefs, thereby supported Shakespeare’s and his following adaptations’ metaphorical significance. Modern Cordelia’s potential fulfilment of moral justice, the accurate representation of reasoning through performance, inference to the directors’ social ideals, and portrayal of ethics, are far-reaching elements inquired profoundly in the final judgements. The scope of the paper was further limited by focusing on the of Cordelia and her corresponding personae in promoting social conscience. We identified three major cultural interventions, both of which have the beneficial effect of intensifying the suspense which are caused by conflicts of benefit and morality of the plays. Infusion of courtly relationship standardisation for efficiency is one such example of intervention. The second intervention relies on language alienation with the segregative agency as the polar establishment by which independent idiosyncracies may increase. The third intervention occurs with the dismissal of conjugal duty as an adaptation to justify anti-liberal politics. Clearly, the potential for another form of movement of regional studies to occur is closely linked to the further reconstruction of moral standard and linkage of trans-border nature with individual ruling system. Only a concerted agreement by multinational agencies to provide diversified and harmonious solutions can allow the dynamic and sustainable development of the prototype in the foreseeable future. For this to occur, both national and multinational agencies in the West and the East need to develop more suitable intervention measures in the next decades.

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