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DATE:                01/28/2018

SUBJECT:          Analysis of Transactional Data for Opting the Best Supplier


In a competitive market, a large number of firms compete to gain control over the market. To cope up with the keen competition, we need to focus on getting benefited from the supply chain management by opting the supplier trying to offer the better customer service. From the data provided, it is evident that it is the transactional data for the last 3 months. Using this data, we have tried to find out the supplier who will offer the best customer service and lower price. The following gives the information regarding 1. A supplier with the best track record for on-time deliveries, 2. The supplier offers longest account payable and items at the lowest price.

The supplier with Best Track Record for On-Time Deliveries:

The essential part of choosing a supplier is to find out whether the supplier is reliable or not. Though the supplier is offering the items at a lower price, we cannot rely on that supplier with a bad track record of on-time deliveries. In the spreadsheet, we have sorted the whole data with respect to the time taken for the delivery. From our analysis we found that the supplier with the best track record for on-time deliveries is Durrable products with best delivery time is 3 days and the average delivery time is 4.92 days. Apart from the durrable products, we have two other suppliers whose track record also seems good, they are Hulkey Fasteners and Alum sheeting. Even though the delivery track record is good, it is not the only criteria to recommend.

The supplier offers longest account payable and items at the lowest price:

Our main motto is to get benefited from the supply chain management which includes the initial investment in the raw data. In our analysis of the data, we found that the durrable products offer the lowest price for items they are providing and the same time durrable products offers the best account payable terms with 45 days. Apart from the durrable products, alum sheeting provides the good account payable terms with 30 days. But for the other items which were not sold by durrable, we need to go for other best vendors which were listed in the spreadsheet.

Supply Chain Management Gets Benefited by Choosing a Supplier Offering Best Service:

To sum up, in a competitive market the best way to attract the customers possible by offering the products at low price. To offer a product lower price without compromising with profits, we need to get benefits in supply chain management. So, we need to have the best supplier. In our case, durrable products is the best supplier of all why because it offers all its items at a very low cost with the best delivery track record and with the longest account payable terms.



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