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        To conclude this paper, Six Months, Three Days is the concept of tow precognition lovers, one who thinks the future is predestined and another who doesn’t. This story is a significant framework for some insightful reflections about the relationship. The premise is that the heroes can tell the future. The boy thinks he’s fated to act out a sequence of actions, while the girl can see multiple futures leading to different endings. From the very first, their love story is overshadowed by the knowledge it may end badly. On the other hand, With All the Birds in the Sky and Six Months, Three days the themes they touch and the thoughts they provoke are extremely interesting. Both of them are a relatively simple story, but they work very well on multiple levels. So, they really cause you to stop and ponder, big questions about life and faith. Furthermore, they focus on the human level and share a certain irreverence and surrealism aspects of life. Besides, they have the most emotionally raw. Thus, both stories consist of unique and engaging approach to deal with this comfortable reality. This means that conflict makes any relationship more interesting than two people who agree about everything. Anders playfully examines free will and destiny in these romantic works and asks questions of the unique love affairs between two couples in both stories. Similarly, both stories used to literalize an abstract idea by them really seeing the future differently. This lateralization shines a stark light on the mechanics of both couple’s relationship in a way that even metaphor cannot achieve. Finally, one wonders if the author is not painting a very realistic picture of optimism. Pessimism, showing how a purely negative image of the future can be a powerful of doom, while optimism allows one to get a second chance at happiness.


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Charlie Jane Anders is offering philosophical inspiration to young people. She knows they face misfortune futures. She wants young people to have faith to mate them solve the problems they’ve faced. To understand how we must save ourselves is to understand how we must change ourselves. Any current science fiction written about the near future needs to involve ideas from books like This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. Not only is mankind the cause of our future doom, but so are our intellectual approaches to politics, economics, sociology, spirituality, psychology, and self-expression. Climate change is such a large bump in the road to the future that I’m not sure science fiction can ignore it. Anders knows that. To stop climate change requires changing ourselves, and how we interact with reality. There will be no wizards or scientists that can work that kind of magic, but Anders does offer hope in her ending. At least in the way, I’ve read her story. I wonder what younger readers make of it. Nature has a big role in Charle’s novels. Through our reading of these novels, we could see animals like birds, cat, and sparrow has its great role. Anders here was affected by the Elizabeth Kolbert’s book The Sixth Extinction. Not only have human beings affected by their environments and what happened around them, but at the same time we kill the other creatures such as animals and trees. So, if all these creatures talk, they will say what they really feel. We could say that Anders’ reads the Elizabeth’s book, but she didn’t mention the heaviness ideas of such a book in her subject. The boundary of Anders’ plot is the death of animals and the rising seas. The real conflict in both novels is between two couples who love each other, but each one of them has the opposing philosophy, so both stories are becoming science and fantasy fictions. (Wolf 23)

In six Months, Three Days Judy is not forced by either future or past. This makes a good philosophical point too, that no one of us can be free until we break the chain of our past. Judy and Doug had the same power and Doug had emotionally snared himself into their deadlock. So Judy has the ability to impress to a truly unexpected future as a happy ending. Doug refused to hold the same ending may relate or may not relate to his future. He has got plans to be a wing of Judy twice more in the future. Maybe his thought of the future changed the moment that he broke his arm instead of his leg. Thus he always remembers that he will never see Judy in Doug’s life anymore, means he will fix in his place without any wide improvement. By reading Six Months, Three Days, we realize that there is no reason behind Judy’s attempt to go off script, and this was successful this time only. Both of them had been together for a long time already. These two characters were in a unique place to find good answers to some principles of this universe for six months. Doug left just enough for Judy to make a small change. They have the same power, but Judy is much better at using it. “I don’t think you’re any more or less powerful than me. Our powers are just different,” Doug says. “But I think you’re a selfish person. I think you’re used to the idea that you can cheat on everything, and it’s made your soul a little bit rotten. I think you’re going to hate me for the next few weeks until you figure out how to cast me out. I think I love you more than my own arms and legs and I would shorten my already short life by a decade to have you stick around one more year. I think you’re brave as hell for keeping your head up on our journey together into the mouth of hell. I think you’re the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met, and you have a good heart despite how much you’re going to tear me to shreds.”(Anders 99)

Patricia and Lurance in All the Birds in the Sky are misfit kids, one dreamy the other nerdy (Nellie 545). They grow close to each other at school, to see their friendship surrounded by the usual requests of family, academia, and the endless teenager plight of finding, oneself. But something for more amazing support the growing immersion between them. Patricia is a witch who can practice magic and speak with birds, while Laurance is a scientist who invented a time machine that can jump in two seconds into the future. The love story jumps ahead in All the Birds in the Sky for the first seven years, then for ten years until both Patricia and Laurance are adults, then renewed their affair after ten years of separations. In a near future setting, the two characters, refresh their friendship and perhaps something more, against a tender backdrop. Global catastrophes are brewing, and both Patricia and Laurance conceal secrets- one magical and one scientific, sometimes they seem against each other and sometimes as great friends. “Wow,” Patricia said again. “If that’s how it is, Good luck, Laurence. I hope everything turns out okay for you somehow.” She turned to leave and started to swing the door shut again, returning the room to total darkness. “Wait! Don’t go.” Laurence started quaking again, worse than ever, as the door closed. “Come back. Please. I’m sorry. I do need your help. I feel, I feel like I’m starting to give up here.” He could barely stand to hear him snivel. He groped for the words to explain the sick feeling of being on the conveyor belt to a furnace. “I can feel myself letting go. Trying to fit in and ‘lose the attitude.’ I can feel it working.” (Anders 49)

“For her part, Patricia was looking at Laurence and feeling a kind of ache deeper than mere sexual desire, although there was that, too. All of her life, she felt like she had been telling people, “It doesn’t have to be like this,” which is the close cousin to “It can be better than this.” Or even, “We can be better than this.” As a little girl, getting pressed into the dirt by her schoolmates or padlocked in a foul old spice crate by Roberta, she’d tried to say that with tears in her eyes, but she didn’t have the words back then and nobody would have understood anyway. As the outcast freak in junior high, with everybody wanting to burn her alive, she’d given up on even trying to find a way to say, “It can be more than this.” But she’d never let go of that feeling, and it came back now, in the form of hope. She gazed at the Laurence’s face (which looked squarer and more handsome without a big shirt collar framing it), his surprisingly puffy and suck able-looking nipples, his shaved pubes, and the way the leg and stomach hair erupted in a heart-shaped ring around the depleted zone. And she felt like them, the two of them, right here, right now, could make something that defied tragedy.”(Anders 200)

In “All the Birds in the Sky” the two main characters, Patricia a witch and Laurence a scientist met in the same high school. They know each other at a robot fashion show. These two social discarded Patricia and Laurence love each other and they make a strong relationship against anyone who would hurt them. Patricia has her own path towards illusion and magic while Laurence’s path towards science to survive the earth. At home, both of them are uncomfortable with their parents, but at school, they have a normal social life. Patricia and Laurence grow together, then they don’t be together for a long time, they soon became separated from each other. After ten years, Patricia and Laurence see each other again at a party. Now Patricia is a good witch and Laurence is a generator. They keep in touch with each other. Both characters of this novel, Patricia and Laurence met with each other again after a long separation. They have fallen in love again and started a new life. The story ends with the pair repairing their differences and combining science and magic to stop the unraveling.

 “Doug has his brown hair cut in a good way that was almost fashionable two years ago. You might think he cuts his own hair, but Judy knows he doesn’t, because he’ll tell her otherwise in a few weeks. He’s much, much better looking than she thought he would be, and this comes as a huge relief. He has rough, pouty lips and an upper lip that darkens no matter how often he shaves it, with Elvis Costello glasses. And he’s almost a foot taller than her, six feet four. Now that Judy’s seen Doug for real, she’s re-imagining all the conversations they might be having in the coming weeks and months, all of the drama and all of the sweetness. The fact that Judy can be attracted to him, knowing everything that could lie ahead, consoles her tremendously”. (Anders 304)

       In Six Months, Three Days novel, Doug represents anyone who is going into an affair or a relationship knowing it’s going to fail and ended unhappily, trying to control the seeds of subversion until it becomes a self-morbid prophecy; which it is; as he watches it. This love story between these two characters Judy and Doug with different views who do not understand each other. Judy thought that Doug does not try hard enough to avoid his fate. While Doug thought that Judy sees the certain future like he does, but with a lot of humbug alternate that she’ll never choose. With all these differences, this love story goes on, each one of them tries to impose their views of the others. Doug starts telling Judy what he sees will happen to her later. But Judy insists that he tries harder to alarm his destiny. Doug has been looking forward to Judy all his life. Doug always remembers the future more than he remembers the past. He recalls important moments and the total realities, but not the day to day details. He knows that this will be the best affair, he has ever had. This relationship will end six months and three days before they break up. At the same time, he knows that he will be dead at age 42. He accepted that he can’t change anything. Judy, on the other hands, sees many different future possibilities beaming out. She knows that if she stops by a certain impediment on the way home, she’ll meet someone and have a torrid three-day fling with them. Both Judy and Doug know they have the only two people in the world who can see the future.

   “I don’t actually think that ethics are derived from principles. At all.” Patricia scooted a little closer again and touched his arm with a few cool fingertips. “I think that the most basic thing about ethics is being aware of how your actions affect others, and having an awareness of what they want and how they feel. And that’s always going to depend on who you’re dealing with.” (Anders 48- 59).

Concerning the female character in Six Months, Three Days represented by Judy, she makes a wider than usual hop, by doing something that is not part of any future all of Judy’s hope has been baby steps that lead to timelines that are practically except for minor events that lead to a difference. Judy could see many futures’ fate. As far as Patricia is concerned, a female character in All the Birds in the Sky, she is a witch, she fights with her job as a secret magic. She wants to help and teach people and nature to a very high degree. Patricia is has magical powers from her childhood. Thus, she finds that she could talk to animals. She can communicate with nature, but magic in this world is an act of balanced give and take and Patricia wants to give too much. She thought that she can choose among them and she can influence what happens in the future

 “A light procedural about a mismatched pair of San Francisco private investigators — an upbeat, free-spirited idealist and a swoon-worthy, brooding fatalist –- both of whom can see the future. Obliged to team up, both of them knows their relationship is destined to grow from antagonistic rivalry into fairy-tale true love… but only if they can stop him from being killed in six months and three days. The trim will be written by film writer Eric Garcia, the writer of the novel Matchstick Men, on which the countenance film was based. Ritter, Garcia, Janollari and Silent Machine’s Lindsey Liberatore are practical producing” “I was…” Doug hesitates, then just comes out and says it. “I was savoring the moment. You know something, you can know something’s coming from a long way off, you know for many years ahead of time the exact day and the very hour when it’ll arrive. And then it arrives, and when it arrives, all you can think about is how soon it’ll be gone.”  “No matter what you do, people are going to expect you to be someone you’re not. But if you’re clever and lucky enough and work your butt off, then you have to be surrounded by people who expect you to be the person you wish Tobe. (Anders243)


Six Months, Three Days is a science fiction novel too. It takes its inspiration and power of some of the best physics’ ideas in a shape of the imagination. The two characters of this novel can see their own future and what will happen to them. Both of them gain this secret power for all of their life. Doug is the male character in Six Months, Three Days, is a fatalistic person and for that reason, he thinks that he is tied to see just one future timeline. Doug thought that perfect clairvoyance works when events are going very perfectly. He holds many future fates for the same ending. In All the Birds in the Sky Laurance the male character in the novel is a scientist. He’s inventing things and building things. He starts writing computer programs when he’s really young. He is representing the main theme (science fiction or technology) in this novel. He is an up normal child. Laurence Armstead can be considered as a mad young child with the science. He is a genius child. Laurence is a technological genius that is researching a way to open a portal to another world just in case our earth dies.

 “I don’t think you’re any more or less powerful than me. Our powers are just different,” Doug says. “But I think you’re a selfish person. I think you’re used to the idea that you can cheat on everything, and it’s made your soul a little bit rotten. I think you’re going to hate me for the next few weeks until you figure out how to cast me out. I think I love you more than my own arms and legs and I would shorten my already short life by a decade to have you stick around one more year. I think you’re brave as hell for keeping your head up on our journey together into the mouth of hell. I think you’re the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met, and you have a good heart despite how much you’re going to tear me to shreds.”(Anders 25)

Doug is one of the main characters in this novel. He can see the future and for him a future is a linear path, unbroken, and fixed. He is tortured by his cyclopean knowledge of his own heart. On the other hands, Judy, the other main character in this novel can see millions of paths to futures that could be. The two characters know their hot, passionate relationship and how it will end years before it happens. The best scenes are between Judy and her best friend who explain every possibility and test every commonly during a girl’s night in the setting. In six months, three days the two characters are clairvoyants, whose power work in different ways. Doug sees the future as a section of some possibilities. They both mention the future, rather than seeing it on a TV screen or whatever. So the strength of both characters is the theme to all battles of memory. (Sycamore 70) Certainly, these are the last two people who should date in the world. So naturally, they do. Because they already know their future and how and when their relationship starts and ends. The story focuses on the relationship and affairs between these two main characters, it gets to control the big, connective themes about romance. In these bellow lines, Judy means that she can make changes in small things and through that, she can change the future. But Doug doesn’t think so. He sees only one future and he is sure about the correction of inevitability. On the other hands, All the Birds in the sky and Six Months, Three Days, the main fiction in both of them are science fiction besides fantasy fiction.  All the birds in the sky is a Sci-fiction, fantasy novel concentrated on two protagonists both of them know each other from childhood and they are friends. Patricia Delfine is representing magic and nature, while Laurence Armested is representing technology and science. They tried to discover where they belong to. Both characters are rough people with lots of fear and lots of heaviness and their relationship is messy and dreamy in and developed with a big richness.

Description of the Characters and the Plot of both novels



“Two precognitive meet and fall in love. Their relationship is fraught by the fact that one of the precognitive is a determinist (seeing the future as a single stream) and the other believes in free will (and sees possibilities branching from most moments). The philosophical contrast and science fictional premise provide an intriguing philosophical flavor to the human romance; the two works exquisitely in synchrony”. (Rachel 2012)

     Charlie Jane Anders is one of the powerful science fiction and fantasy fiction author. She is the editor of the i09 web site. She also won a Hugo award twice for All the Birds in the Sky and Six Months, Three Days, novels. She was affected by science and fantasy from a young age. She uses metaphors in both novels. For example, in the final chapter of All the Birds in the Sky she uses mechanical metaphors to describe something natural. Both novels are relationship novels. The author uses the relationship between two protagonists in both of them. So, in Six Months, Three Days, the clairvoyant characters could see the future. It is a kind of a sad story, but also there is a little of hopefulness in it. The power of love appears in both stories because love connects both characters in both novels, despite their ideologically different. Science fiction represents the hopes and sorrow at the same time of each generation about their future and futures are different from time to time within all people. On one hand, science fiction gives us a hope to build a better future if only we would. On the other hands, it views our fears more than our dreams. Six months, three days, is talking about a love story between the two main characters in the novel Doug and Judy. Both of them have farsightedness whose power works in different ways. Dough can see the one true required future, and Judy a woman character in this story can see all the possible futures. Both of them are right, and this book won the 2012 Hugo Award as the best novel. Charlie Jane Anderse in this novel looks for an affair between a man and a woman know what is going to happen before it happens. Both know their final ending will be painful. They have to decide together if they can change that future, or if it’s worth changing at all. Rachel Swirsky’s novelette recommendations, says about Six Months, Three Days




Love affairs, obstacles, magic, and science

Key Words


 Charlie Jane Anders in All the Birds in the Sky and Six Months, Three Days interests in romance, and love stories. Both stories can be considered as a mixture of science fiction and fantasy. Six Months, Three Days distinguishes two spectators, a male and a female. They are conscious of things long before they really happen, including, an ill-fated romantic relationship between them. All the Birds in the Sky, on the other hands, concentrate on the affairs between two different characters. The female is a witch full of magic, and the male is mad with science. Both stories are charmed by affairs between people who see the world in really different ways. They are trying to understand each other. In addition to, investigating that they have more in common with each other than they do with anyone else. Anders in both stories smoothly pivots from scare to play to heartbreak and back again. Both stories reveal a positive power of finding things that you like and learn more about yourself through the actions and thoughts of the protagonists. These two books center on the world struggle between four ideologies with two strange couples. The aim of this article is to examine and illustrate the impact of love on the characters of both stories. Despite, all the difficulties and obstacles which face both couples, they still strongly love each other and met each other.  


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