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Today I watched four episodes of a television series that named Breaking Bad. The main character named Walter White who is a chemistry teacher in high school. He lives with his wife who was pregnant and a son who has cerebral palsy. Their family economics is not good. So, he found out a part-time job and be a cashier at the car wash. But he was diagnosed with lung cancer at his 50th birthday party. Because he fainted in the car wash and was taken to hospital by ambulance for doing an inspection. But his family no one knows.

One day, in a police operation, attempting to catch a drug dealer with his brother-in-law named Hank Schrader, who is a DEA officer. He unintentionally saw his former student named Jesse Pinkman. And he escaped the police raid on jumping out from upstairs and drove away. But Walter memorized Jesse’s license plate number. He asked to enter the drug dealer’s lab which is for making meth. He saw a lot of money and the lab is very humble. Then he has an idea that is he uses his chemical knowledge to make the purest and best meth. Because he thought he will die soon, wants to give his wife and son more and more money he can.

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At night, he found Jesse’s address by checking the license plate number. At the beginning, Jesse thought Walter is with the cop and took pliers behind the car to protect himself. Then Walter told him there is no one come with him, only himself. And told him he wants to work with Jesse. He makes meth, and Jesse sells the meth. But everyone can not try meth. Jesse was really surprised, he cannot believe his chemistry teacher will do something illegal with him. The next day, Walter give Jesse his 7 grand what he only had to buy an RV. Then they stole many chemicals from school. Driving the RV to out of the town and begin to make meth on the RV. Also, they make the first meth which has a high purity. Because it is white, so they called it crystal.

The next day Jesse sells the crystal to a man called Krazy-8. He is a drug dealer and Jesse knew him before. Jesse shows the crystal powder, Krazy-8 never saw this before. He tried it and said it is good. But they doubt Jesse who can make this high purity meth, Then Kraze-8 asked Jesse where is the crystal come from, and threat Jesse to lead Krazy-8 and another one who is Krazy-8’s cousin. On the road, Jesse tells them all of the things about Walter.

When they saw Walter, they ask for meth with a low price and sell those to them. But Jesse and Walter don’t want to sell. Kraze-8 took out of his gun and want to kill Jesse and Walter. Walter said he can teach them how to make. Then They got into the RV. Walter put Red Phosphorus in hot water to make the poison gas. Then he killed the two people inside the car. When they want to remove the corpses, Kraze-8 alive and did not die by the poison gas. And they out Krazy-8 in the basement, like jail. Now, Walter’s wife knows, their baby is a girl. Both are very happy. When Jesse want to clean up the corpses. He ignored Walter’s warning, and put the corpses into the bath crock, that instead of low-density polyethylene plastic drum. And pour hydrofluoric acid into the bath crock. A couple of minutes later. Bath crock and the floor with the body residue, and fell to the ground.

One day Jesse call Walter’s telephone, Walter’s wife thinks that call is too strange. Walter said just some advertising promotions. She called back after Walter went to school. There is a guy leave a message like a bad guy. In the afternoon, they have a check of the baby. Look how is the baby. Then they know it is a girl. Walter’s asked Walter who is the guy calling in this morning. Walter said he sells pot to him. Walter’s wife very surprised. She drives the car to Jesse’ s home, tells Jesse to stay away from Walter and she doesn’t want to see him again. Then when she talks with her sister, asks her how is the pot feels. Her sister thinks that Walter’s son smoke weeds. So she asked her husband, took him to see the consequences of smoking weed, so that little Walter could stop smoking weed.

At night, Walter takes some food and talks with Krazy-8. Walter has two choices, one is killed Krazy-8, another one is let him go. But he is very scared, Krazy-8 will come back and kills his family. When Walter wants to let him go, he finds out Krazy-8 hold a piece of a broken plate. For protecting his family, he kills Krazy-8, also got some hurts by the broken plate. Finally, they use the same way clean up the corpse, and they use the low-density polyethylene plastic drum now.

Police find out a mask in 40 miles out of the town, where are Walter and Jesse making the meth. They ask DEA to check the mask come from. It makes Hank feel bad. Because they also find out the high purity meth which never comes out before. But he didn’t know his brother-in-law make it. After 2 days, when Jesse smokes the meth, he hallucinates. He saw the two deliveries as killers. So he runs out of his house, and enter into his parents’ house. But his parents do not like him, they thought he is a bad person because he smokes drug. And he has a younger brother who got a lot of rewards. His parents do not want him to influence his younger brother to be bad. One day, the servant found weeds in his brother’s room, and gave it to Jesse’s parents, they think is Jesse and denounced Jesse, never allow him to come back again. But, that is from Jesse’s brother. Jesse keep this secret for his brother and left the house by himself.


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