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Today out of 10 people 7 people use android mobile phones for different different uses and its features with the help of a mail account which is necessary to login and access all the service (like: App Data, Calender, Contact, Drive, Emails, etc) which provided by the Google on Android operating system or previous version of android.When you use these services with the help of your login mail id but often sometimes you want to sign in with another account in your phone then “How to remove or delete your current login mail from mobile phone ?” or “How to remove your mail id from Google play store?”. Google play store is place where you can download your favorite application like: Google duo, What’s App, Facebook and any gaming app whatever. Well, Now we back to our business, here we give you a complete procedure to delete and remove your account from play store or android device with the help of images. Let’s check out:How to remove your mail id from Google play store?Here a few step which you have to follow to remove your mail id account and sign in with other account.Step one: Go into phone or mobile phone settings then scroll and touch or click on “ACCOUNTS” in your device as shown in image with red mark.Step two: When you touch on “Accounts” you will see an accounts window which show you, all accounts which are connected with or login in your mobile phone with your mail id or mobile number, Now you have to TOUCH or CLICK ON GOOGLE, as shown in image with red mark.Step three: When you on Google (which refer your mail id), you will see a image, as shown below where you have to touch on or click on “your mail id name”. ‘follow red mark’. Step four: After touch on mail id, you will see a window like that where you have to touch on “:” (without quotes).Step five: In this step, you will see two option-1- Sync Now.2- Remove account ‘red mark’.you have to touch on “Remove Account” to remove your mail account from your device, with a confirmation pop-up window. As shown in given image.Now you can login or sign in with your other account. If you want read about “Datally Best Application to save and control Internet data with details of full Guide” click on it.

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