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Today`s world is the full of necessary evils like internet,mobiles,televisons and many others communications mediums which may dislodge the standards of celebrities as well as of ordinary people but also plays an immensed role to uplift the prosperous of their life. But one should be aware of the cosequences of this type of exaggeration otherwise it creates a lot of complications. Every social beings who can distinguish the right or wrong devoirs the privacy. Once become the clelebrity it is difficult to hide the private life because of the paparazzi who follows them. Some times they make and sometimes they ruin the life of celebrities. As for instance, if paparazzi makes the private image viral that shouldn`t need to be expose then it may hamper their life as well as career and social status too. In that case the person who would be the reason for downfall should have to be punished and even fined considering the fact that they don`t have such right. In this regard Alexander Graham Bell had a thought that “I do not recognize the right of the public to break in the front door of a man’s private life in order to satisfy the gaze of the curious… I do not think it right to dissect living men even for the advancement of science. So far as I am concerned, I prefer a post mortem examination to vivisection without anaesthetics.” Thus, for the sake of satisfying other or making headlines one shouldn`t play with the life of others viz., celebrity and ordinary common people.

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