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Role of Perception in shaping plant-animal interactions

ABSTRACT-will be written later

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INTRODUCTION-will be written later

PERCEPTION- The Oxford dictionary defines perception as
‘becoming aware of something through the senses’. Von Uexkull had introduced
the term ‘Umwelt’ which is German for ‘surrounding world’ (C. Gans, 1987). Gans(1987)
states that ‘Umwelt’ conveys an idea that “any organism has only a limited
concept of its environment and that this perceptive sphere strictly reflects
the information that the animal receives from its sense organs”. He defines
sense organs as “regions of the body that contain specialised cells and tissues
that respond to incidental energy”. The key senses found in animal kingdom are
smell, taste, sight touch and hearing. While in higher animals the nose, tongue,
eyes, skin and ears, are the primary organs involved for these senses
respectively, the lower animals show peculiar organs helping them to perceive
the external environment. Gans has classified animal senses into five major

1.       Mechanical
receptors – Basically involved in detecting the sensation of touch, a variety
of receptors are found in the animal kingdom. Neuromasts are the most primitive
ciliated mechanoreceptors, higher animals possess macula. Bats and some
cretaceans detect their surroundings by creating sonar images. While fish use
their air bladders, turtles use sensory barbles, lizards and snakes use their
horny bumps, mammals on the other hand have developed long facial vibrissae
sensitive to touch.

2.       Electrical
and magnetic receptors-

3.       Chemical

4.       Light receptors-
compound eyes in bees are used to see , whereas ocelli (the smaller eyes) are
used to perceive light intensity information

5.       Thermal receptors-
, UV detection and electromagnetic field detection. I will mention the several
organs found in animals for the purpose of perception.(Example – compound eyes
in bees are used to see , whereas ocelli (the smaller eyes) are used to
perceive light intensity information).

A few peculiar senses which the animals possess are listed
in table 1 : Animals are their unique perceptive abilities

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