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Traffic in the philippines has been a long term problem. This is due to the lack of community responsibility of the drivers and road securities. That is why some drivers are too boastful and rude to follow road precautions. Hard headed drivers are very common in the philippines, they cant seem to follow proper road rules that can also cause environmental problems. The bad driving habits of the drivers of metro manila are due to the lack of strict measures of the road securities and guidelines. Road securities should be strict on the drivers for the sake of everyone’s safety. Instead, Today the road management is too bad that the drivers become undisciplined and too comfortable to not follow road rules that can lead to traffic congestion.

Due to the drivers behaviour our community can get many disadvantages from them. Like the simple signal light that they don’t do whenever they are switching lanes, this can cause traffic to the community and can actually cause accidents. This is why our government is too frustrated and confused of what to do in our community problem. However, there are still many possible solutions that we can do to our long time problem. First thing that we can do is too create more roads and widen it up. This can help in the road congestion that is happening because today therew are too many cars on the road that the road can’t actually provide and give them space anymore. So creating more roads can be a possible solution. Second solution is to face out old cars anymore. In this way the car’s in the road can be lessen up and possibly not cause traffic. Third possible solution is to have better transportation vehicles and remove all old kinds of public utility vehicles. This is too provide the people a more comfortable and efficient way of transportation. Not only it can help the people, but it can also help the environment of smoke pollution. Fourth solution is too remind the road securities to be strict and discipline the drivers. Because drivers have a big role on the part of our community, that is why they should be disciplined enough to follow and respect road rules for everyone’s good. The drivers their own can solve the traffic problem in our community if they are disciplined enough.

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The traffic in our community has many causes and problems. That is why it can’t be solved for a long time now. That is why we should first be disciplined in our own actions because all of the small things matter in these kinds of situations. We should also consider our neighbors and not only ourselves. The road congestion has many possible solutions but how can we do these solutions if we aren’t disciplined enough of our own actions.

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