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Unit 205 supporting individuals to maintain hygiene

2.5- how you can support a client to maintain dignity of a client when supporting intimate personal hygiene is by using a towel to cover the client intimate area and asking them if they can wash their intimate parts of their body’s them self under the cover of a towel and ask the client where they may need support and give reassurance and say your happy to help if they are finding some areas difficult to wash.

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2.6- you could be putting yourself at risk if you do not wear your PPE while doing clients personal care as the clients could have come from hospital strait to a home weather they may have contracted MRSA or any other condition that could spread by touch or smell. It also helps to have high standards of hygiene for yourself by washing your hands before and after you have helped any client. It’s also wise to bath or shower before and after work to make sure you don’t spread any viruses back home if you have been working with clients that could potentially have multiple infections or diseases.


2.8- others that could be involved in supporting clients with personal care routines could be family’s, other carers anyone who is involved with the client’s needs and wellbeing.


1.1- Personal care is important part of everyone as it helps everyone to be clean and it could stop the risks of infection and viruses and anything that has the potential to make people poorly or even death. To make sure each person has the chance to have washing facilities and to encourage clients to feel safe and well with knowing that staff are there to help them if they need support.


1.2-  Poor personal hygiene could be from a person’s mental health state to mobility which could have the potential to make anyone very ill and they would be at risk of infections and viruses. It could mean the person may need more support as people can change. The person may be suffering from depression were they don’t feel as though they care about them self so they may neglect themselves and may need encouragement and may need more support then before because it could also be down to age wear the person may not be able to wash all over then they did previously so when a change happens it should be risk assessed and written into their care plan.

3.1- you can identify underlying personal issues that may be a cause of poor personal hygiene weather the client has a UTI, could be due to age, they may become depressed. The client may need more support but they may feel too ashamed to ask for help.


3.2- Example UTI a person may act differently they may be going to the toilet more often than usual. They may appear strange in the sense of acting more aggressively or different than normal or be out of Cartier completely i.e. a timid person may become aggressive. They may be complaining of pain when they go for a pee. They could have stinging sensation or burning or unable to go to the toilet even though they have the urge. So you would call a doctor to assess the client.                  

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