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UNIVERSITY OF BAHRAIN BUSINESS COLLEGE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT MGT434 HOW CLOUD COMPUTING PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO EVOLUTION AND REGULATE THE ORGANIZATIONS AND BUSINESS PREPARED BYSTUDENT NAMEIDE-mailMobile HASAN ABDULNABI AHMED [email protected] AHMED MARHOON [email protected] 32211393MONA MOHAMED AWADH [email protected] HASAN QAMAR [email protected] 33646461 Submitted to Dr. Adel AlalawiSection 0105th of August, 2018 Abstract Thisresearch, carriedout to assessthe workof organizations, businesses, universities and higher education institutions in Bahrain. In addition, how they use cloud computing in their systems. To search for the procedures of these institutions forthe cloud computingof different types, and to develop effective strategies, to help integrate employees, teachers and students, to enhance the provision of services better and commensurate with the needs of the institution were educational or commercial companies in Bahrain. This research aims mainly at studying how Cloud computing plays an important roleinthe evolutionand regulate the organizations and business based on personal experiences and professional opinions of staff, team leaders, professors and students who work in educational institutions or commercial companies. The research carried out through an online questionnaire to 91 random University of Bahrain students, teachers and employees the results analyzed on the figures and tables. This study showed that employees are aware of the vision, mission and objectives of their organization or universities or commercial companies. Key words Integrate employees, Provision of services. TABLE OF CONTENTS TopicPage Abstract2Table of Contents3List of Figures4List of Tables4List of Appendix4CHAPTER 1 Introduction51.1 Background of the Study51.2 Statement of the Problem51.3 The significance of the Study51.4 Scope and Limitations61.5 Research questions 61.6 Research objectives 61.7 Research methodology 71.8 Definition of Terms Project structure 7CHAPTER 2 Literature Review82.1 Research Environment (Cloud computing)82.2 Strategy102.3 Security112.4 Innovation132.5 Synthesis of the Study14CHAPTER 3 Research Methodology153.1 Research Design153.2 Research framework153.3 Research hypothesis153.4 Research instrument153.5 Sample Size163.6 Data Processing and Statistical Treatment16CHAPTER 4 Result and Discussion174.1 Demographic Analysis 174.2 Descriptive Statistics184.3 Interview Analysis 224.4 Recommendations by Respondents (Questionnaire, and Interview)26CHAPTER 5 Summary of Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations275.1 Summary of Findings275.2 Recommendations275.3 Conclusion28References29 LIST OF FIGURES Page Figure 4.1.1 Gender17Figure 4.1.2 Age17Figure 4.1.3 Education Level18 LIST OF TABLES Page Table 3.1.1 Population and respondents of the study16Table 4.1.1 The way cloud computing develop a customer relationship between most companies and organizations.18Table 4.1.2 The lack of cloud computing in the universities and the impact of its presence after most universities.19Table 4.1.3 The thinking of the respondents 19Table 4.1.4 research areas related to the impact of cloud computing security19Table 4.1.5 Peoples assessment of the importance of the security system in cloud computing20Table 4.1.6 Respondents thinking is that if they think the changing business environment affects cloud computing20Table 4.1.7 Respondents thinking that the educational process in the past is better than using cloud computing now20Table 4.1.8 The comments about strategy 21Table 4.1.9 Achieving the educational goals and developing the chosen system21Table 4.1.10 Factor you prefer to have at least knowledge about on the work sector21 LIST OF APPENDIX Page Appendix A Copy of Questionnaire31Appendix B Copy of the Interview33Appendix C Copy of Tables and Graphs34 CHAPTER 1 Introduction Background of the Study Research explores the use of evaluation models as tools for assessing and controlling the quality of the Universitys strategic plans. While evaluation tools for the quality of the planning process, these tools are not readily available to evaluate the products or the overall quality of the plan itself. According to (Harris, T. (2009), Cloud Computing-an overview.Whitepaper, Torry Harris Bussiness Solutins), defined cloud computing as an arithmetic model through which the system suite is connected to private or public networks, to provide a dynamically scalable infrastructure for data, applications and file storage. Cloud computing is a practical way of experiencing the benefits of direct cost and has the potential to transform a data center from an intensive capital group into an environment of varying prices. Statement of the Problem This paper aims to assess the work of cloud computing in business and scientific universities. Scientific institutions and universities are being pushed to engage in cloud computing and to work on a new mechanism for society. The absence of the presence of the most problems related to the time of operations provided by the most companies or enterprises to employees and customers and the higher education and scientific universities, prompting universities to engage in operations the initial strategy is through a variety of forces, which also include a strategic plan for business action as well. This research can help businesses and scientific universities to avoid the problems occurred in the past. The Significance of the Study This study is in aparticularlybeneficial for the following stakeholders Universities because the study will help the university to retain and reduce the level of turnover, therefore it will help the universityachieveits objectives and hence increase the growth of the academic programs for the university and achieve success. Professors This study will benefit university professors by clarifying the strategic factors that underlie the university in the educational process. In addition, they will have easy evidence of how to improve their skills in enabling university students to work on the actual application of their studies at the university. Students This study will be very useful for students in public and private universities to gain valuable and useful information for their studies in order to achieve their graduation goals in a manner consistent with the Universitys strategy. Companies Because the study will help all businesses to develop performance and solve the consequences that are a barrier to achieving the goals and increase the growth and prosperity of the company to reach success. Employees The study will be very important to them, as you will know what is required of them to get the customer abuse as required. In addition, employees will learn the factors that lead to customer satisfaction in thebusiness, especiallyin considering services provided by employees. Future researchers This study can be a useful resource for future researchers and university students who wish to conduct the same study and to learn about new strategies for businesses and universities. Scope and Limitations The study will be conducted for commercial companies and universities. The study will also conduct data analysis based primarily on cloud computing and the development strategy of businesses and universities, specifically in academic departments and customer service centers. The study will cover four variables that reflect the state of cloud computing, deployment, and efficiency cloud computing, strategy, security, and innovation. The main limitations of the study is the period. The researchers are limited to a specific period for the study, which is short and does not allow the expansion of the study as required. The study does not include all previous studies or other prospective studies. The importance of this study is limited to the number of participants, the time required to complete the research is very limited, and this results in a lack of expected number and effort. Research questions We need to analyze data on the cloud computing system and the extent to which the strategy prepared by management at universities or business institutions in Bahrain is compatible with employees in the fields, corporate customers, and students at universities. The statements are as follows General objectives of cloud computing and its association with the vision of the commercial institution or university. Operations that are consistent with cloud computing. Performance metrics associated with special goals with cloud computing. Implementation of cloud computing for scientific universities in academic/administrative departments. Comparison of businesses business through the problem of lack of cloud computing in advance. Performance improvement plan for cloud computing in the enterprise security system. Evaluate the performance of employees and students through their use of the cloud computing system. Evaluate performance achieved with a critical goal of continuous improvement always. Research objectives The objective of this study is to assess the quality of the strategic plans of scientific universities and commercial institutions. In this study, we will review the use of cloud computing in business and scientific universities. The study will answer a number of questions, including How can cloud computing contribute to the development of the relationship of customers to business companies and accelerate the solution of problems between them How does cloud computing affect the work of scientific universities for employees and students 1.7 Research methodology The data distributed and collected through an online questionnaire among university and business students in Bahrain. We will conduct interviews with various personalities, managers, specialists, and students if we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet them in time. 1.8 Definition of Terms Project structure In order to understand, the following terms used in the study Employee loyalty The strategy on which the agency itself based paints the image of the efforts of employers and universities to maintain their employees and reduce staff turnover and training costs. This reflects the concept of organizational behavior organized by officials to increase retention rates and reduce the costs associated with their high turnover for institutions. Commitment A sense of responsibility in realizing the vision and mission of the organization. When an individual has a functional commitment, it is more likely to perform tasks and responsibilities that help the organization achieve the goal. Training and development To improve the performance of staff and students at the university now and in the future through learning, skills development and knowledge enhancement. Job Security Confirmation or non-assurance that employees have about the continuity of profitable workoftheir working lives. Job security usually arises from the conditions in the employment contract, or labor legislation that prohibits arbitrary dismissal and dismissal, and may be affected by general economic conditions. CHAPTER 2 Literature Review In this chapter, a literature review is presented where previous literature and studies were written on this subject is provided. 2.1 Research Environment Cloud Computing According to (Hayes, 2008) Cloud computing is an important term in the world of technology. Cloud computing is an important type of modern technology, that can be greatly expanded in the virtual world and can be shared by users users do not need to know all the basics of service, but the user can know the use of the service through Internet services. Cloud computing is currently one of the many and varied trends that are likely to have a positive impact on both the education and business environment, especially on senior public and private companies. At the same time, there will be challenges in redesigning their IT to support their business units on different trends to different techniques so that they can achieve their goals Different ways of reallocating internal resources to better support the organizations priorities. This is the most important, pushing employees to new ways of reallocating resources to better support the organizations priorities, while at the same time satisfying needs of users better for their strategic partners. Availability of cloud platforms such as Google and Microsoft, which are free services for students and employees alike in many educational institutions, including mail, contact lists, document storage and the ability to create websites relative to Sclater (2009) Different companies that built custom applications in the cloud important areas including security, integration, and finally not the latest time to value. There are many studies on previous work in the various fields of cloud computing in the areas of technology in general where cloud technology explained in different fields. Similar technologies and future engagements in these emerging environmentsaccording toBanerjee (2009). The researchers conducted HP operations, cloud infrastructure companies and intelligent environmental facilities such as smart data centres and virtual simulations that have already penetrated our daily lives on more than one level. According to(Klein Kaefer, 2008)Cloud computing itself is an emerging application and one of its objectives is to exchange data, accounts and services through users of this program and one of its ways to meet the challenges is the face of the user and the distribution of tasks and coordinationaccording to(Lijun, Chan, Tse, 2008). According to Grossman et a1 (2009)developinga cloud infrastructure through which large areas of performance networks and data extraction applications are required for infrastructure tothe cloud, which itself helps to adapt to different technological innovations and the same in their facilities and sources. In addition, according to (Praveena Betsy, 2009), which provides comprehensive introduction to cloud applications in different communities, by assessing the situation to knowledge. The question is how management will turn into a more globalstructuredand at the same time be able to trust it. These features introduced to cloud computing with the original computing network, technology (Aymerich, Fenu Surcis, 2008).Offering new services that replace many of thetypescurrently used by our perspective. Cloud computing will play a very important role in how to provide cloud services, which are the most important in the deployment of cloud services, for advanced software by the Internet service providers (ISPs) Current companies are expected to do their current system of community service (Hirata et a1,2008).In the SAAS program through which the service, programs and products, and even interaction with the user through the Internet and services are also from E-mail to the Web document, as well as monitoring the information store and database processing(Newton, 2009). According to(Dodda, Smith van Moorsel, 2009) unlike one service provider, these services use different views of cloud resources where structures and resources used differently to facilitate customers, despite the problems of facilitating homogeneous computing. Mitchellpresented (2008) an overview the list of proposals to help him understand and at the same time raise the question of how to manage educational institutions through cloud and provided some explanations for the challenge of indexing the Web and improve its resources after the discovery of students and teachers after reviewing this. The bookprovides a summary in the context its infrastructure, application, and services. Cloud computing focuses on the educational use of cloud services and asks at the same time how we will support thesevitalservices safely also look for the advantages of the institutions of advanced education. And the various uses to this education, based on the analysis of literatureinthe service of cloud computing in addition to thatalso provide cloud computing for teachers and help them get itand for better understandingof the concept of cloud technology and its impact on teaching and learning in institutions. This project focuses on the use the educational cloud services and how used to make a persons life easier than ever before. As well as the life of a person working in business and education to make education and business more efficient. Based on literature review and analysis of the current cloud computing servicefor provisions and applications in enterprises, we also introduce cloud computing for teachers and help them get on better understanding of the concept of cloud technology and its impact on teaching and learning in institutions According to (Open Grid Forum, 2009) the cloud delivers.An important source for users and customers, for example, computing and storage resources, through which serve as service on demand, Cloud computing is new commercial and educational model of a number of modern technologies, such as large-scale virtualization around the world.Some features show us how modern applications are flexible computing that makes it easier for users to access what they simply wantSo that, these positive effects have shifted to outsourcing of not only equipment setup, but also theongoing IT administration. According to (Gartner, 2009) the resultsshowus that using cloud computing In multiple areas for example finance and business has a strong impact on these areas that make the data easier to access which save time and money and even effort which makea cloudYour co-worker So to speak. Much of the technology that used to be expensive and sometimes uncoordinated, but now made free by cloud computing that made the world a small village.This is true for all web sites, blogs, video sharing, music sharing, social sharing, collaboration software,editing/presentation and publishing, and computing platforms in the Cloud. Many intellectuals and students especially use these new technologies in their classroom, even in their personal lives which help them a lot, The use of these techniqueshas beenoften in our personal life is called consumerization. This means we should demand and consume the required services. Moreover, that our educational system must take advantage of these modern technologies to graduate many payments that use this technology to do many good in our societies and in the same time reduce the budget impact in academic institutions. This proposed model of cloud computing needs to be easy to understand from different ages and specificallyemployees, forexample (finance and accounting, purchasing and procurement,etc.) and evenan educational student who work especially in the educational institutions. Many of the features offered by cloud computing are easy to use, uncomplicated and it is effortless that enable users successfully enlarge their computing environment, PlatformforCloud is designed according to (Erickson et a1, 2009) Which allows toenableusers to rapidly build customized solutions around their content items. Cloud content (scientific and social subjects, art, opinions, textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.) controlled by the service. 2.2 Strategy 2.2.1 Cloud computing strategy and its use in educational institutions According to IBIMA publishing (Communications of the IBIMA, 2011) in the current financial crisis assistance in providing free IT support for educational and research purposes development activities. The aim of this subject is to find alternatives to information technology while leading universities create a research methodology in a rigorous analysis of the latest research on cloud computing as an alternative to IT. Administration and security. It also took into account the best practices of cloud computing within the universities, in addition to the expertise of the authors in the field of information technology and higher education. The article begins a brief introduction to cloud computing in universities, pointing to the most important results got so far. In addition, it provides a starting point of universities to connect cloud computing, by suggesting adoption strategy. Achieve a five-phase strategy, focusing on the evaluation data and processes/ functions/applications from several major universities on the basis of some keys standards, while creating the correspondence between these aspects and models / Services / applications that are a results obtained are encouraging support worldwide provides a practical guide adaptable to the structure of the university. In order to be applicable to called model model the task, availability, and importance of applications are also important data, sensitivity, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Key Benefits, Risks, and Limitations All the analyzes and uses of cloud computing in higher education levels in terms of models chosen for educational use must be taken into account and consistent with the university strategy. The decision to use cloud computing should also be related to the implementation of the required cost of capital and compensation for those risks Access to it and many risks to the cloud to provide services, as stated in Patterson (2010). Regarding the protection against private and sensitive data onto the institution (e.g., research of results, academic records of students and staff accounts), the main actions that can take with regard to data are Maintain internal and external data sensitivity to others with high-risk response time for many applications and users. Externalization of data onto performance and scalability with maximum security risks. Developing the knowledge about the cloud of the first step is to develop the knowledge base participating in the religious institutes and conferences that discuss and consult with suppliers in the latest research. The success of this stage depends on allocating these resources sufficient to research and understand how the cloud works in different educational systems from universities and institutions (Wyld, 2009). Assessment at the current stage of the university from the point of view of IT needs. Infrastructure and use of the targeted service that represents the database, services, applications and processes that are migrated and may need to maintain within the university domain to monitor security policies and IT needs, the system begins the analysis of categories for users who interact with the current IT infrastructure. The solution for cloud computing will allow all categories of users to access their stored files, email, database and other applications anywhere on demand (Nicholson, 2009) and will result in the use of more efficient information. This is a shift from the traditional services offered to users in the traditional version to ensure self-service, which is more useful in the cloud computing perspective, and the aim is to identify techniques for their effectiveness from the point of view of the cost necessary for students and university staff. We deduce from what is mentioned in this section despite the disadvantages, we find that cloud computing will remain in the arena. Moreover, that the current economic situation will force most educational organizations and institutions at least to adopt the cloud solution. The purpose of this research was to identify characteristics in the use of cloud computing in higher education in a fundamental way, we looked at the risks and benefits of cloud computing, and soon future research will include the level of acceptance and impact for its application in other universities. 2.2.2 Scope of digital business strategy The scope of the digital business strategy in corporate management itself, which defines the portfolio of products, companies, and activities that carried out outside the direct control and ownership of the company. The patterns and scale of these companies and the logic of their diversification have shown an impact on that performance of the firm (e.g., Berger and Ofek 1995 Lang and Stulz 1994 Wade and Hulland 2004). Strategic research has shown an interest in how companies operate optimally in the use of core competencies, their core assets and the resources to expand their products to market (e.g., Amit and Schoemaker 1993 Barney 1991 Conner and Prahalad 1996 Wernerfelt 1984, 1995). On the other hand, understanding the scope of the strategy for digital business helps to visualize the relationship between companies, industries, and IT infrastructure. The digital business strategy can also be more effective in a variety of settings. Hence, we know that the impact of the digital work domain should lead researchers in the field to pay in a special way to how, why and when the scope of digital work influenced by other technologies. 2.2.3 Strategies and Methods for Cloud Migration The heritage of ancient migration gives many great challenges and advantages, so much academic research and industrial applications used to migrate the older system to the cloud system. Through the analysis of the research achievements and the state of an application, the current migration paths divided into three strategies based on models to serve the cloud through integrated methods. Different processes need to reflect on different migration strategies, differences, and similarities among those strategies discussed, challenges and future work on migrating the older system to the proposed cloud system. 2.3 Security According to (ICCC 2015) Cloud Computing is an innovative Information System (IS) architecture, visualized as what may be the future of computing, client-server architectures, a driving force demanding from its audience to rethink their understanding of operating systems, and browsers. This type of computing has leveraged users from hardware requirements while reducing complexity and overall client-side requirements. The security problems are being more concerned as cloud, computing becomes more popular. The efficiency and effectiveness of traditional protection mechanisms being reassesses, as the Features of this innovative deployment model differ widely from them of traditional architectures. In this research, we attempt to explain issues from a security perspective and discuss the unique security challenges introduced in a cloud environment. Security issues Trust is not a new research case in computer science, spanning areas as diverse as access control in computer networks and security, agent systems, reliability in distributed systems, and game theory. The concept of trust, adjusted to the case of two parties involved in a transaction. As the governance of data and applications outsourced and delegated out of the owners strict control, trust in a cloud environment relies heavily on the selected deployment model. In traditional architectures, trust enforced by an effective security policy. Most importantly, the cloud environment deteriorates the perception of perimeter security. Perimeter security is a set of programmatic and physical security policies that provide levels of protection on a conceptual borderline against the remote malicious activity. Security identification Security there is a risk of data misuse when several organizations share resources. Therefore, to avoid risk it is required to secure data that involves storage, transit or process and data repositories. Data protection is the most significant challenges in cloud computing. It is necessary to provide authentication, authorization and access control for data stored in the cloud to improve the security in cloud computing. Locality in cloud computing, it is difficult to find the location of data as the data distributed over several regions. When the data moved to different geographic locations, the laws governing on that data can also change. So there is an issue of data privacy laws and compliance in cloud computing. Customers should know their data location and it too intimated by the service provider. Integrity the system should maintain security such that the authorized person can only modify data. In a cloud-based environment, to avoid the data loss, data integrity must maintained correctly. Access data access mainly refers to the data security policies. In an organization, the employees will give access to the section of data based on their company security policies. The other employee working in the same organization cannot access the same data. Various encryption techniques and key management mechanisms used to ensure that data shared only with the valid users. To secure the data from the unauthorized users the data security policies must strictly followed. Since access given through the Internet for all cloud users, it is necessary to provide Privileged user access. The user can use data encryption and protection mechanisms to avoid security risk. Confidentiality data is stored on remote servers by the cloud users and content such as data, videos etc. can be stored with the single or multi-cloud providers. When data is stored on the remote server, data confidentiality is one of the important requirements. To maintain confidentiality data understanding and its classification, users should be aware of which data is stored in the cloud and its accessibility. Breaches of data Breaches is another important security issue to be concentrated in the cloud. Since large data from various users are stored in the cloud, there is a possibility of the malicious user entering the cloud such that the entire cloud environment is prone to a high-value attack. A breach can occur due to various accidental transmission issues or due to an insider attack. Segregation one of the major characteristics of cloud computing is multi-tenancy. Since multi-tenancy allows storing data by multiple users on cloud servers there is a possibility of data intrusion. By injecting a client code or by using any application, data can intruded. Therefore, there is a necessity to store data separately from the remaining customers data. Storage the data stored in virtual machines have many issues one such issue is the reliability of data storage. Virtual machines need to be stored in a physical infrastructure, which may cause a security risk. Data Center Operation in case of data transfer bottlenecks and disaster, organizations using cloud computing applications needs to protect the users data without any loss. If data not managed properly, then there is an issue of data storage and data access. In case of disaster, the cloud providers are responsible for the loss of data. According to Future Generation Computer Systems (2012), employing trusted third-party services within the cloud provides ideal solutions to preserve the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of data and communications. Moreover, it leads to the establishment of the necessary trust level. According to Procedia Computer Science (2015) before storing data in the cloud server, it is better to encrypt data. Data Owner can give authorization to a particular group member such that they can access data easily. Heterogeneous data-centric security is to be used provide data access control. A data security model includes authentication, data integrity and data encryption, data recovery user protection must designed to advance the data security over the cloud. To ensure data security and privacy, data protection can used as a service. To avoid access of data from other users, applying encryption on data that makes data totally unusable and normal encryption can complicate availability. Before uploading data into the cloud, the users suggested to verify whether the data is stored on backup drives and the keywords in files remain unchanged. Calculate the hash of the file before uploading to cloud servers will ensure that the data not altered. This hash calculation can used for data integrity but it is very difficult to maintain it. 2.4 Innovation Ferreira et al., (2016) creativity in organizations will not be easy if the knowledge sharing not enabled at the organization in all levels. The knowledge sharing enablers are well known and researched in the knowledge sharing literature however, it known that employees will tend to share their information when there is a cohesion group within the organization in which communication is highly vital. Many researchers have included that the more cohesion in the grouping of the organization the better the knowledge sharing process will be as knowledge sharing is highly important to create an innovative organization and creative employees (Swang et al., 2006 Lee et al., 2015). Knowledge shared is highly dependent on how the group or individuals are willing to share and engage themselves in conversations that related to their experience and their intellectual capacity. As the above will motivate employees to be open to share their own knowledge and experience to the group. De Nisi et al., (2003) companies that aim to make the knowledge sharing a practice in their organizations adopt a knowledge-based system to encourage the employees to be part of it. Sigala and Chalkiti (2015), creativity and innovation distinction is not always clear, the innovation is frequently characterized as the usage of thoughts, while creativity is identified with the generation of thoughts. Thus, means that creativity is vital for developing. Moreover, creativity and innovation connected as result of their association regarding learning and information spread (Teece, 2007). The connection is critical to decide if innovation can duplicated differently. Information is incorporated into innovation is an implicit and immaterial component making it difficult to substituted (Sigala and Chalkiti, 2015). A knowledge that used for creative purposes enables more revitalization and increased competitiveness. This is important in encouraging better flexibility for both individuals and organizations, which is important in the changing business environment. The social context in which employees are in also affects their creativity and their nature as well (Aubke, 2013). Paquette et al., (2010) the unauthorized access seen to be creating threats and problems for the continuity of the cloud computing services, Also, raises some concerns in this regard. The more the worries and concerns arise the more it needed technological advancement to generate. Moreover, conducted for the cloud computing services. Many people and organization see that the cloud computing services or idea is highly risky as the information shared in the cloud is very private to their own well-being. Moreover, Arpaci (2016) the sites where cloud computing is hosted gives people more worries and concerns especially to how law and procedures can secure the privacy of their shared data. The above also affected the security issues of cloud computing and made it more challenging for the developers to deal with (Rong et al., 2013). The monitoring system is a crucial part as long as there is data free movement in the cloud computing. The most related elements for acquiring the cloud computing are cost reductions, convenience, and business security. (Gupta et al., 2013). Furthermore, business should utilize the cloud computing in a safe manner. The cloud computing is being majorly utilized to store data instead of a source of information (Gupta et al., 2013). The cloud computing can acquire different types of forms, for instance, sharing information, servers location and data security (Duranti and Rogers, 2012). Sultan (2010) stated that the cloud computing has a good affected the environment as less power would use. In addition, that means the usage of the electricity could be used among the people by the cloud computing. Nowadays, mobiles gave the cloud computing users more flexibility when it comes to adopting and using the cloud computing services. 2.5 Synthesis of the Study After reviewing and discussing many of the previous studies, and problems experienced by commercial and educational institutions, lack of Cloud computing in their systems. It cansaythis study differs from other studies, because it analyzes the concepts and scopes of the work of institutions in this aspect. Since researchers are currently students atthe Universityof Bahrain. Moreover, their studies based on their personal experience with the various factors in the scope of the study that affect theirexperienceinthe future. In addition, the previous studies have shownthe artof maintaining the strategy of companies and the development of systems. Therefore, that everyone can deal with it through acquisition of resources and capabilities in technology and knowledge, And above all the important human resources as well. Studies and research discussed the most stimulating or influential factors that could have a positive or negative impact on the development of the long-term relationship between the customer and the commercial companies by solving the problems quickly and best solution to provide the service more effectively and accurately. Design strategy and methodology of other organizations in the face of the challenge in activating the role of cloud computing for all. CHAPTER 3 Research Methodology In this chapter, the methodology used to conduct this research is proposed. This includes population identification, sample, research design, tools, data collection and technical and statistical processing. The methodology will explain how the researcher will test, examine and analyze the different hypothesis and variables. 3.1 Research Design Research design is the basic framework that implemented to analyze the problem and can classified as follows First, the research will be formal and specific as the case and all related concepts are clear, known and specific. Second, this quantitative study applied a survey questionnaire to collect data necessary for the necessary analysis. We hope that the answers to the survey questions will based on personal opinions and experience from the responses. This research describedas the analysis of the state of variables based on their characteristics and obligations. Third, this will be a statistical study where statistical analysis and treatment used to analyze the data collected from the survey and to examine the hypothesis. Fourthly, in terms oftimescale, the search was re-examined over a timeframe set in mid-2018, specificallyduringJuly 2018. 3.2 Research framework This research aims to assess the mechanism of cloud computing in all sectors, including commercial institutions and universities. The sample framework consists of university students and business staff. In our study, we relied on 10 statements to answer the questions of this study. How does cloud computing affect the efficiency of services provided by universities and businesses How can universities and businesses develop their strategy, maintain security and encourage cooperation between staff and students 3.3 Research hypothesis H0 There is no statistically significant relationship between the development and level of effectiveness of using cloud computing in businesses and universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain in terms of commitment, supervision, training, development, and job security. 3.4 Research instrument The tool used in this study used in the questionnaire (Appendix A) which will be a quantitative method for analysis. The survey distributed throughthe questionnaire through social communication channels, including university students, and some teachers in public schools, universities, and managers working in retail companies will contacted. The survey includes open and closed questions that will used to gather feedback from respondents based on their personal experience with the company and educational institutions in order to analyze their status with cloud computing in their scope and effectiveness. After classifying, these responses to the surveys and analyzing, some of them the basis of the five-point. Likert scale (the lowest one and the most), we did not adhere to this scale in all questions, because it was assessed on the basis of the highest degree of agreement, detail, satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Data representing the intensive use Cloud computing in companies and universities. ALikert scaleit has been found that elements of the five or sevenlevelsmay produce intermediate marks from the highest to the highest possible degree achievable. 3.5 Sample Size This population density in this research consists of many people, including teachers, managers and university students from different fields and functional classifications. This research carried out through probabilistic sampling, which may have a known probability of selecting participants or sampling units. Under this method, the researchers used a class sampling technique in which population density divided into different groups called strata. From each layer (one group), a number of participants were selected using random samples. Here, the researchers divided the population density into two main categories or sampling units that were teachers, managers, employees and students. From each sampling unit, researchers randomly selected 60 students, 10 managers, teachers and staff. Table 3.1.1 Population and respondents of the studyRespondents categoryNumber of respondentsStudents6010 managers, teachers and employees10Total70 3.6 Data Processing and Statistical Treatment The data collected from the answers to the questions will be analyzed and organized using tables and graphs through the Excel program, which makes it easy to manage and test the data statistically. In order to determine the importance of the impact, whether positive or negative, of the variables to test in Bahrain, and analysis of variance. CHAPTER 4 Result and Discussion In this chapter, all data collected from the search tool will presented and analyzed. Respondents responses to the survey questions we sent to them through social networking programs are reviewed in tables and examined statistically to test how businesses and universities are doing business in cloud computing. 4.1 Demographic Analysis The 10 tables below presents the analysis for the demographic pattern of respondents. Gender Figure 4.1.1 Gender. Figure 4.1.1 above illustrates the total people who have knowledge of cloud computing, most of them are university students, Analysis shows that the highest percentage of Female estimated to be 74.7 and the lowest percentage of Male estimated to be 25.3. Age Figure 4.1.2 Age. Figure 4.1.2 above shows the majority of respondents (81) are in the age group 18-24 years old, followed by the age group of 25 to 34 years old (13). followed by the age group of more than 35 years old (4). The age group under 18 years old scored the minimum percentage of (2) only. This indicates that is means mostly of respondents are youth. Education Level Figure 4.1.3 Education Level. Figure 4.1.3 above shows the total education level of people with knowledge of cloud computing, mostly university students. The percentage of that Primary school are estimated to be 3, from the High school diploma their percentage is 19, while those 2-year college degree is estimated at 14, and those who are 4-year college degree their percentage is estimated at 25. While the greater number those has Graduate-level degree is estimated at 33, and those who are none their percentage is estimated at 6. 4.2 Descriptive Statistics The data collected to measure business and university dealings with cloud computing are analyzes and results are presented with interpretation in this section. Table 4.1.1 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Does cloud computing help you develop as a customer for long-term relationships by solving the problems you face with the services of most companies and organizationsStrongly agree2527.5Agree4347.3Neutral2224.2Disagree11.1Strongly disagree00Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.1 shows the way cloud computing develop a customer relationship between most companies and organizations. The percentage of responses answering strongly agree and agreed 74.8 that most companies and organizations are develop the relationship with the customer through using cloud computing and to display their customer with newest promotions, whereas 24.2 of them neutral. On the contrary, just 1.1 disagreed and strongly disagreed with this statement. Table 4.1.2 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Do you think that cloud computing has affected the educational aspect of universities and other educational institutions If you have any recommendations you can mention belowYes7380.2No1718.7Universities should develop the study for the important and trusty technique11.1Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.2 shows one of the main problems of this project the lack of cloud computing in the universities and the impact of its presence after most universities. The question is the impact of cloud computing in these universities. The total number of respondent 73 answered yes. For the existence of cloud computing in the universities, while the number of answered None is 17 of the total 91, and those who had a different answer stressed that the universities to develop their services provided to students from the academic side and to use methods developed in the future. Table 4.1.3 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Do you think we are in dire need of cloud computing in our timeYes7885.7No1314.3Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.3 shows that the thinking of the respondents is that if they think there is an urgent need for cloud computing at this time, the best answer is Yes at 85.7, i.e., cloud computing is an important new technology, and the answers No are only 14.3. Table 4.1.4 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Do you find that research areas related to the impact of cloud computing security will be effective in the futureVery satisfied3740.7Satisfied3942.9Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied1213.2Dissatisfied11.1Very dissatisfied22.2Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.4 shows that 83.6 of people are very satisfied and satisfied with cloud computing security while 13.2 of people are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with cloud computing security. On the other hand, 3.3 of people said they are not satisfied. Table 4.1.5 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018What is your valuation of the importance of security in cloud computingStrongly agree3336.3Agree4145.1Neither agree nor disagree1314.3Disagree44.4Strongly disagree00Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.5 shows peoples assessment of the importance of the security system in cloud computing. The percentage of them strongly agreed and agreed is 81.4, while 14.3 of them are neither agree nor disagree. On the contrary, only 4.4 opposed and disagreed with this statement. Table 4.1.6 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Do you think a changing business environment affects staff innovationYes7380.2No1819.8Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.6 shows that respondents thinking is that if they think the changing business environment affects cloud computing, the best answer is yes at 80.2. In addition, answers no are only 19.8. Table 4.1.7 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Do you think that the educational process in the past is better than it is using cloud computingYes5661.5No3538.5Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.7 shows respondents thinking that the educational process in the past is better than using cloud computing now, the best answer is Yes at 61.5. The answers are No 38.5. Which means that the use of cloud computing now is much better than traditional use. Table 4.1.8 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018In your opinion, does strategy play an important role in the business of companies If your answers are yes. Do you think the strategy is important for educational and business institutionsTotal respondents3740.7 Table 4.1.8 shows respondents 37 out of 91 remaining 40.7 of the total respondents. Most of the comments indicate that the strategy is very important for every company or educational institution by reaching the highest goal for everyone. The strategy is also the best to understand the mechanism of business or the university itself and its needed to prepare any work. Table 4.1.9 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018How do you recommend universities to work efficiency at future using cloud computingTo achieve educational objectives and develop the chosen system4448.4Help students to in admission and registration procedures2931.9Providing electronic communication between faculty and colleges1213.2Transition to the stage of digital and computing development66.6Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.9 shows respondents from 91. Most comments indicate that achieving the educational goals and developing the chosen system, is the highest rate achieved by the recipients at 48.4. And help students in the admission and registration procedures come second with 31.9 Among all faculty members who have achieved a rate of 13.2, as the transition to the stage of digital and computing development will be done only with the help of cloud computing. Table 4.1.10 A survey undertaken by one of our group member on the 21st of July, 2018Which factor did you prefer to have at least knowledge about on the work sectorCloud computing3740.7Strategy2931.9Security1516.5Innovation1011Total respondents91100 Table 4.1.10 shows respondents from 91. Most of the comments indicate that cloud computing has the highest rate of 40.7, while the strategy ranked second with 31.9, security at 16.5, and lowest rankings for innovation at 11. 4.3 Interview Analysis To complete our knowledge regarding the research, we did an interview with some people working in different positions, First (Mr. Jassim Al Awadhi, Manager in BISB), Second (Mr. Essa Al Wadi, Training Manager Silah Gulf), Third (Ms. Ramla Essa Nasser, English teacher Ministry of Education), Fourth (Ms. Maryam Moosa Alqassab, Graduation student UOB). See below for the answers for the interviewee First interview This interview made to assist our research and analysis, the interview is about how cloud computing, strategy, cyber security and innovation related to each other. In addition, to improve our ideas about who banks use cloud computing. This interview taken with Mr. Jassim Al Awadi, (Manager in BISB) on 24th of July 2018. An interview undertaken by one of our group member on the 24th of July, 2018In your opinion, what does cloud computing mean Mr. Jassim Al Awadi Cloud computing is a newnetwork, whichis adapted nowadays in every organizations and it is a way to provide many services to all the usersofwhich are users as consumes or organizations.How did the BISB communicate with (employees / customers) before the existence of cloud computingMr. Jassim Al Awadi Before cloud, commuting BISB was using the traditional way of communicating with their customers and their employees like physical mails and telephones.In your opinion, does BISB strategy include all that you offer BISB from your services provided to customers and does this strategy helpmakethe company an important one for allMr. Jassim Al Awadi Bahrain Islamic bank strategy is providing many services and products and to their customers, and at the same time BISB was always the first mover in banking sectors in adapting the newts technologies in serving their customers.What are the most prominent electronic services administration to serve (customers / employees)Mr. Jassim Al Awadi the most newts technologies in serving the customers in make their dealing with the bank easier are for examples E-Banking, mobile banking, applications.What are the electronic services BISB for serving (customers / employees) and from which channels, programs or websitesMr. Jassim Al Awadi Yes for sure, this service can cut a lot of time and costs, spends to serve the consumers, and at same way cut cost and time for consumer. For example, if he need to drive from to home and the branch and complete his transaction, the consumer need only his smart device and internet connection to complete the transactions.Is the existence of these electronic services a quick and comprehensive service (for customers) HowMr. Jassim Al Awadi Yes, Many of security programs and firewalls are use at BISB to protect the informations and its confidentiality.Do you have a system to protect the services provided by youMr. Jassim Al Awadi Yes for sure.After the availability of cloud computing and your modern technology, did you have a great role in the cooperation between all (managers / employees) in your companyMr. Jassim Al Awadi By very simple explanation, it is making our life easier, faster ever our services, and its cuts a lot of time and costs for both of us as an organization or customers. Second interview We found that consideration must be given to how companies deal with cloud computing and the knowledge of the officials there – cloud computing – in making the services provided by companies distinctive. This interview taken with Mr. Essa Al Wadi, (Training Manager in Silah Gulf) on 26th of July 2018. An interview undertaken by one of our group member on the 26th of July, 2018In your opinion, what does cloud computing meanMr. Essa Al Wadi Cloud Computing is to have your data stored in an internet tool (online) instead of having big data centers and costly servers and server rooms.How did the Silah Gulf communicate with (employees / customers) before the existence of cloud computingMr. Essa Al Wadi Using mail or flash disk or CDs.In your opinion, does Silah Gulf strategy include all that you offer from your services provided to customers and does this strategy helpmakethe company an important one for all.Mr. Essa Al Wadi All companies or universities must use the new technologies to help their employees or students to make the life easier and to make all things in a perfect way and in a timely manner.What are the most prominent electronic services administration to serve (customers / employees)Mr. Essa Al Wadi To use the online services through websites or through mobile applications.What are the electronic services Silah Gulf for serving (customers / employees) and from which channels, programs or websitesMr. Essa Al Wadi Using SharePoint program between the department employees.Is the existence of these electronic services a quick and comprehensive service (for customers) HowMr. Essa Al Wadi Sure, because it reduces the time and effort for all partiesDo you have a system to protect the services provided by youMr. Essa Al Wadi Yes.After the availability of cloud computing and your modern technology, did you have a great role in the cooperation between all (managers / employees) in your companyMr. Essa Al Wadi Yes, very much it made the communication much easier. Third interview Because our research is based on, the evaluation and control of the work of organizations also aim of this interview to shed light on the way the use of schoolteachers and their knowledge of cloud computing, this interview taken with Ms. Ramla AlNasser, (English Teacher, Ministry of Education) on 26th of July 2018. An interview undertaken by one of our group member on the 26th of July, 2018In your opinion, what does cloud computing meanMs. Ramla Cloud computing according to my opinion means is to take services outside an organization then they delivered over the Internet and paid for by the cloud customer.How did the MOE communicate with (teachers / students) before the existence of cloud computingMs. Ramla According to me as a teacher, a few years ago the cloud computing wasnt spreading a lot so, most of the teachers depend on the paperworks as well as the students as a result, they will find it difficult later to review what they want.In your opinion, does MOE strategy include all that you offer BISB from your services provided to customers and does this strategy helpmakethe company an important one for allMs. Ramla I think the strategy MOE does not include all that I offer from my services provided (to students because a creative teacher always try to come up with new things that enhance his or her educational establishment. MOE teaches many courses to develop electronic teaching, and we did a lot in these courses and our students learn a lot andeven their personalities developed lot. Of course after all the effortthis strategy work too much and help making the schoolsan important one for all.What are the most prominent electronic services administration to serve (teachers / staff / students)Ms. Ramla The most prominent electronic services that play important role in teaching arethe students progressive records. Electronic chat, communication between teachers and parents, questionnaires…. etc.What are the electronic services MOE for serving (teachers / employees / students) and from which channels, programs or websitesMs. Ramla The electronic services that MOE offer to serve students are done through some channel like the website of the ministryHYPERLINK http// t the instagram @moebahrain or twitter…. etc.Is the existence of these electronic services a quick and comprehensive service (for teachers / staffs / students) HowMs. Ramla Yes, in my point of view ,the existence of these electronic services are quick and comprehensive service for parents and students, the parents or students can communicate easily with school , can get the progressive records quickly without any need to attend to school.Do you have a system to protect the services provided by youMs. Ramla Yes, sure.After the availability of cloud computing and your modern technology, did you have a great role in the cooperation between all (managers / employees / professors) in your MinistryMs. Ramla We havea system to protect the services provided by us, actually, MOE provides us with OFFICE 365, which provide automatic protection, and it has antivirus and firewall which play prominent role in protection office 365 is so amazing rather than using any ordinary account. Fourth interview To learn more about how to use cloud computing at the university, and especially the University of Bahrain, we met a recent graduate student. This interview taken with Ms. Maryam Moosa Alqassab, (Graduate Student, B.Sc. in Banking and Finance 2017/18) on 02nd of August 2018. An interview undertaken by one of our group member on the 02nd of AUGUST, 2018In your opinion, what does cloud computing meanMaryam It is an interest of countries and institutions in the application of electronic services in the public and private sectors, one of the latest technologies that be used in the application of electronic management.How did the UOB communicate with (teachers / students) before the existence of cloud computingMaryam UniversityinBahrain before using the cloud computing system was suffering from slow network, failed transaction with students because ofa large numberof files and pressure, and it cost a lot update programs and application.In your opinion, does UOB strategy include all that you offer from your services provided to instructors and students and does this strategy helpmakethe company an important one for all.Maryam Yes.What are the most prominent electronic services administration to serve (instructors / employees / students)Maryam The electronic registration services, awareness ofbooks, pricesthrough the site, knowledge of simplified information about the faculty, electronic payment and lot of it.What are the electronic services UOB for serving (instructors / employees / students) and from which channels, programs or websitesMaryam They provide UOB application,uobedubhaccounts in the social media, for the ease of access to the student the information theyneedand be aware of all news and services through these channels.Is the existence of these electronic services a quick and comprehensive service (for instructors / employees / students) HowMaryam Yes, it helps them to organize time and not to stand in line for long hours.Do you have a system to protect the services provided by youMaryam Yes.After the availability of cloud computing and your modern technology, did you have a great role in the University between all (instructors / employees / professors) in your UniversityMaryam Yes. 4.4 Recommendations by Respondents (Questionnaire, and Interview) 4.4.1 Questionnaire We asked some respondents to suggest some possible recommendations to explore possible solutions to make cloud-computing work in businesses and universities better than they did without them, based on their personal experience in terms of their work or university education. The following recommendations were proposed Strengthening the services offered by the university in the use of advanced technologies and the status of student service and their attention to distinguished teachers. The required requirements by the business to serve customers always better. Develop the strategy in proportion to what the business or universities offer. Conducting lectures and workshops, and understanding what cloud computing offers, is an effective service in education. Provide the best motivation to enhance the performance of employees through technical and technical development and training at all levels. Find the best ways to maintain security through the use cloud computing in both the educational and commercial fields. Work on continuous communication with employees through different communication systems, to seek and make time difference in the provision of services related to the academic aspect of teachers, staff and students in universities. 4.4.2 Interviews We conducted four interviews to support this research, as well as the questions we sent to a large number of respondents, and the answers we received from those interviewed, and we benefited from their experience in the institutions they work in and the companies as well. We recommend that Cloud computing a new network used to store data in the Internet tool, and is currentlyadaptingin each institution, a means to provide many services provided to all users. Business and educational institutions should develop their services provided to employees and students and the way of communication have always said through advanced solutions. The strategy is very important for companies or businesses, and it works to achieve the best development in the work of employees. Business and educational institutions should work to develop new technologies in the service of their customers, to make their deal faster through various channels and electronic programs. Universities, including the University of Bahrain, should work to develop their programs for students and online registration services to suit their needs. CHAPTER 5 Summary of Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations 5.1 Summary of Findings This research investigated the status of employee retention strategies and their effectiveness based on three variables which were Innovation, security, and strategies. These variables were analyzed to analyze the relationship between the status of employee retention strategy and its effectiveness at could compute. A survey distributed to 91 respondents who work at Commercial companies and Universities in Bahrain and the results were as follows The majority of respondents were Bahrainis, male, female. Respondents were 10 employees. Terms of supervision, the employee retention strategy at could compute is somewhat effective. In terms of training and development, the employee retention strategy at could compute is somewhat effective. In terms of job security, the employee retention strategy at could compute is somewhat effective. Job security is actually the most influencing factor among other variables, which significantly correlated with the status and effectiveness of employee retention strategies. Most respondents recommended provide enhanced motivation for employees in the form of higher salaries, incentives, annual bonus, rewards and recognition. Most respondents recommended provide enhanced motivation for employees in the form of higher salaries, incentives, annual bonus, rewards and recognition. 5.2 Recommendations The list below will show specific recommendations based on the team perspectives and views Universities and companies must always stay tuned and be aware from every change that might occur in the future that will have a negative impact on could compute processes. In addition, firms should establish a strong plan to assess their condition. Technology is unstoppable phenomena, firms and university be precautions and take into their consideration the new improvements and developments to strengthen their compute could processes in order to stay think synchronized with the latest technology available in hand in a specific period of time. Companies should ease the process of delivery in making products and services available to customers, on the right time through establishing communication systems. To inform customers about the arrival of products, As well as establishing a track system to keep them updated regarding the current location and the movements of their products to make them feel relieved and satisfied and to assure them that their delivery will approach them safely without any damage. In addition, companies should ease the process of delivery by using the new, recent and modern transportation methods. Raise the quality of education graduates and their ability to take personal professional initiative. Increasing the use of information technology in education universities. 5.3 Conclusion This research examined the importance of Cloud compute, Strategy, Security and Innovation. And their positive and effective influence on customers satisfaction, acceptance and loyalty, as well as on organizations long-term profitability and success it also demonstrated how focused organizations and Cloud compute managers should be on understanding the needs and wants of customers and to predict their future demands to better meet their expectations. The purpose of this study is to explore the importance of the continuous of Cloud compute, technology and quality. It also aims to emphasize their impact on end-users satisfaction, which is one of the primary goals of every organization to gain customers loyalty and respect. To this research, a survey designed and distributed randomly to 91 persons, 10 of them their working as a staff on some commercial institutions and different customers in Bahrain. In addition, interviews made with four persons (Manager on BISB, Training Manager on Silah Gulf, One teacher working on MOE Ministry of Education, and one graduate student from UOB). This research explored that the majority of customers see the integration of technological improvement and Innovation, as well as delivering value to customers through meeting their expectations, wants, and needs as the primary factors that every organization should consider achieving success and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage to rise their profits. However, most of the customers perceive quality as the most attractive and interesting feature that brings the attention of every customer in purchasing a product. In addition, it benefits organizations in easing the flow or movement of products and services to downstream customers, as well as adding value to a product or service will satisfy customers and as a result, it will deliver value to customers themselves. Appendix A A Copy of Questionnaire Q1. What is your gender Male Female Q2. What is your age Under 18 years old From 18-24 years old From 25-34 years old More than 35 years old Q3. What is the highest level of school that you have completed Primary school High school diploma 2-year college degree 4-year college degree Graduate-level degree None of the above Q4. Does cloud computing help you develop as a customer for long-term relationships by solving the problems you face with the services of most companies and organizations Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree Q5. Do you think that cloud computing has affected the educational aspect of universities and other educational institutions If you have any recommendations, you can mention below Yes No Other _______________ Q6. Do you think we are in dire need of cloud computing in our time Yes No Q7. Do you find that research areas related to the impact of cloud computing security will be effective in the future Very satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Q8. What is your valuation of the importance of security in cloud computing Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Q9. Do you think a changing business environment affects staff innovation Yes No Q10. Do you think that the educational process in the past is better than it is using cloud computing Yes No Q11. In your opinion, does strategy play an important role in the business of companies If your answers are yes. Do you think the strategy is important for educational and business institutions Your answer ______________ Q12. How do you recommend universities to work efficiency at future using cloud computing To achieve educational objectives and develop the chosen system Help students to in admission and registration procedures Providing electronic communication between faculty and colleges Transition to the stage of digital and computing development Q13. Which factor did you prefer to have at least knowledge about on the work sector Cloud computing Strategy Security Innovation Appendix B A Copy of the Interview In your opinion, what does cloud computing mean How did the company (institution / university) communicate with (employees / customers / teachers / students) before the existence of cloud computing In your opinion, does the (company / university) strategy include all that you offer (the company / university) from your services provided (to customers / students) and does this strategy helpmakethe (company / university) an important one for all What are the most prominent electronic services (administration / university) to serve (customers / employees / professors / students) What are the electronic services (your company / university) for serving (customers / employees / professors / students) and from which channels, programs or websites Is the existence of these electronic services a quick and comprehensive service (for customers / students) How Do you have a system to protect the services provided by you After the availability of cloud computing and your modern technology, did you have a great role in the cooperation between all (managers / employees / professors) in your (company / university) Appendix C A Copy of Tables and Graphs HOW CLOUD COMPUTING PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO EVOLUTION AND REGULATE THE ORGANIZATIONS AND BUSINESS MGT434 Section 01 Summer semester, 2017/18 Page PAGE MERGEFORMAT 22 SM4biw,ALFsC0fOjrqTiQpn XPsZrBZ,w_mJH1K/1/xn,4U RYQYH Co _nbu) CS_v1kKLRDm8rUWsFD2zxm OGYxSZOAiXu K1V t–M)ny).wE5V ipRR W xyc-G._ohxlj [email protected]@FTry_o7-jr)dIGLL2TKNUMn2YNR,wQj7IE 89vquOUNWIjJV zyC/M6ym J [email protected] geeXYrW_xTo Bz6_IOirAs
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