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Using our behavioral email marketing you can personalize the content of emails according to the behavior that customers have had on the website. Knowing the behavior of searches on your website and having an automated system we could generate a campaign that each client was looking for. This is the behavior of remarketing by email, it generates more campaigns for customers and for business, increasing sales. 97% of the mails that are sent in the world do not have targeting, it’s like “one size fits all”. 100% of your e-mails can now be “one to one” with our behavioral email marketing.

When we talk about remarketing in email marketing, we refer to the recovery of users interested in a certain product or service that have not finalized the purchase or contracting at first. This is achieved by sending an email with a reminder, optionally with a promotion or an offer. We can also carry out retargeting strategies in email marketing , it would be recommenders or cross-selling actions . You could say, to summarize, that in remarketing we contact the user to finalize the purchase of a product and in retargeting we take advantage of the information about their interests to make their behavior on the web profitable. Retargeting seeks to collect the interest of the user through his behavior in navigation and redirect marketing actions focusing on that interest. Remarketing tries to sell the user again a product that at first has not finished convincing him or for another reason he has not finally bought. The key to traditional remarketing is to offer the product again with an element that makes it attractive: a discount, an improvement in quality, advantages in other purchases etc. Remarketing and retargeting strategies have proven to have high conversion rates that make them very interesting for ecommerce’s. The investment in these roads usually obtain a very high ROI and therefore it is one of the options to take into account in the sales strategy.

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As technology advances, new marketing strategies are emerging that adapt to new digital tools. This frantic pace means that, frequently, it does not give time to consolidate standards or to reach an agreement on ways of working, best practices or terminologies. 

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