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Using technology for education is extremely advantageous for the students to understand and absorb what they are being taught. With modern technology ,there are better simulations, models, epistemic games and a variety of resources to help students visualise their lessons (Kessler, Sarah). Both teachers and students can use these technology to improve the quality of their teaching and learning strategies. Internet has also become a very popular technology these days as people use it to search for information and data. Teachers could use it to complement their lessons by giving students an additional resource from the internet, such as the interactive lectures and academic games. Students could also access to a plenty of free classes online provided by a number of universities such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford. Which means that students that couldn’t afford the expansive courses now could have access to some free lectures. Internet also contains an abundance of knowledge that’s capable upon any search. So, online resources are also replacing libraries as a source of information for research since it is much easier to make use of compared to the books (Wright, James). More students around the world are bringing their mini-computers or other devices to class in order to use it for their lessons. Many schools are also bandwagoning to adapt technological devices like the iPads for daily use in the classrooms. Not long past ago, a staff writer from CNN had stated that using the tablets instead of the paper textbooks increase the rate of advance comprehension by 20% in an Algebra course. Playing the scholastic games on the devices had also improved the fundamental math skills of the fifth graders and it boosted their test scores by 15% on average (Bonnington, Christina). These advanced technologies have become a tool for the development of higher level thinking skills. Furthermore, technology is excessively useful and favourable for providing additional knowledge for everyone.

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