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Assessment Results and Reflection


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A core
value is the source of a passion of a person and purpose in their life. These
regulate principles that manage behavior and can enable individuals to
comprehend the distinction between good and bad. It also helps the person
whether they are on the right track or not. It can be identified with works;
the way you interact with other people and which kind of policies a person
follows them to accomplish their goals. There are many core values in people
depends upon the various aspect of behavior.

are my top core values according to the assessment test:

1.    Leadership: I believe that I have the
ability and strengths to overseen the progress and to manage the employees to
complete the given target. The assessment test gives accurate result about my
leadership quality. I have a clear vision about my plans that need to
accomplish with a group of team member by guiding them nicely and in a better


2.    Spirituality: I am a religious kind of
person who believes in following religious ethics and maintaining a peaceful
environment. A person who balances their work with their family will be living
a happy life that other. Being a spiritual person will help you to control your
anger and emotions.



3.    Personal growth: A person can improve their
personal growth only if he finding a right path for themselves. My personal
growth is fully depending on improving my career, maintaining good health, by
making good network and learn more things to gain knowledge.


4.    Work satisfaction: Although I have not work
in my field of education,  I have work in
the hospitality sector and I was fully satisfied with that work because I like
to interact with new people and having a good relationship with all my
colleague and employer.



5.    Health and fitness: As we all know that the
“health is wealth”, a person can achieve any goals only if he is healthy and
fit. an unhealthy person can not even do a small job. I always try to maintain
a good health in order to achieve my goals and to live a long life with my loved

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