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Virgin Atlantic have many stakeholders. It is important to have a relationship between the organization and their stakeholders as they influence each other to an extent. Shareholders – shareholders buy shares of the business which increases the company’s profit because the shareholders buy a very small part of the business which they have to pay roughly £300 for and they have many shares available.
This includes their shareholders. As Richard Branson is giving up control of virgin Atlantic he left a huge 49% stake to delta airlines, this is their largest stakeholder. He also sold 31% to the airline he founded in 1984. With 80% of this business sold he retains the last 20% in the group.
Customers (buyers) of Virgin Atlantic are the source of the company’s profit. Their loyalty to the organization is value immensely as without them wouldn’t be an organization to run. VA is known for their quality service. They offer the cheapest airfare so that it is more affordable for passengers.

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