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virtualization is a technology to run multiple diiferent or same operating syystems which is completely different from each other
example:-linux and windows can run on the same laptop at same time
The principle objective of virtualization is to oversee workloads by fundamentally changing conventional processing to make it more adaptable. Virtualization has been a piece of the IT scene throughout recent decades, and today it can be connected to an extensive variety of framework layers, including working framework level virtualization, equipment level virtualization and server virtualization.

Overview :-

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Virtualization can be classified into various layers: work area, server, document, stockpiling and system. Each layer of virtualization has its own particular arrangement of favorable circumstances and complexities. The innovation offers numerous advantages, including low or no-cost sending, full asset usage, operational cost reserve funds and power investment funds. Nonetheless, sending virtualization innovation requires cautious arranging and gifted specialized specialists. Since the virtual machines utilize similar assets to run, it might prompt moderate execution.

Types of virtualization
1)server virtualization
2)desktop vituliztion
3)application virtulaization
virtualization technology is employed by the virtual machine to run the various programs and software as a real machine. The virtualization technology is used to allow multiple virtual machines to run on a single hardware platform and lets each virtual machine run its separate operating system in the virtualized environment.
The most widely recognized type of virtualization is the working framework level virtualization. In working framework level virtualization, it is conceivable to run various working frameworks on a solitary bit of equipment. Virtualization innovation includes isolating the physical equipment and programming by imitating equipment utilizing programming. At the point when an alternate OS is working over the essential OS by methods for virtualization, it is alluded to as a virtual machine.

virtualiztion has a main view on data centers where it supports consolidation of physical server ,reduce hardware costs and assists network management.

1.It is cheaper.
2.reduces the workload.
3.t allows for faster deployment of resources.
4.It promotes digital entrepreneurship.
5.It provides energy savings.

visulization is used intance on operating systems or network resources some of the disadvantages are;-
1) It can have a high cost of implementation.
2)It still has limitations.
3)It creates a security risk.
4)It creates an availability issue.
5)It requires several links in a chain that must work together cohesively.
6) It creates a scalability issue.

A virtual machine is only an information document on a physical PC that can be moved and duplicated to another PC, much the same as an ordinary information record. The PCs in the virtual condition utilize two sorts of record structures: one characterizing the equipment and the other characterizing the hard drive. The virtualization programming, or the hypervisor, offers reserving innovation that can be utilized to store changes to the virtual equipment or the virtual hard plate for composing at a later time. This innovation empowers a client to dispose of the progressions done to the working framework, enabling it to boot from a known state.
the future it mjanagemnt wil be based on virtual computing where there is possible to maximize computer utilization whilemainimizing managemnt,power,maintainennce and physical space .
Virtulization alaso allows industry to run bussiness with fewer machinbe and at reduced costb while providng the better outcomne to meet the coustmer needs.managing load on virtualized systems can be more art than science. Mostly multiple company products running as guest programs on a non-certifgied virtulaization engine

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