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Fesenko, political scientist:

The start phase
is complete, the deal has started to work. We do not have to expect miracles
and fast results. Five years ago, Ukrainian experts conducted a study on how
this agreement would operate in case of its signing. So from the forecasts of
the agreements were the following: in the first years of the economic effect
for Ukraine or “minus”, or “zero”. All economists argued:
the effect will be only in the medium term or in the long run. And it will be
associated with the gradual inclusion of Ukraine in the joint euro-market.

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Really, we had a
problem. However, despite the problems that arose as a result of the conflict
with Russia, the problem economic effects of the deal, in fact, remained
unnoticed. And now we see that the transaction in the economic sense gradually
begins to operate. This year is the growth of trade with the EU for a quarter. But
the key problem is that our business has to adapt. And not only to the European
standards. He has to find his niche in the European market. Which, though large,
but tightly filled. And in principle, at the moment, these niches are actively
sought. We have even started to supply ice cream to Europe.

Undoubtedly, the
key factors that stimulate Ukraine’s development are the institutional and
structural reforms that we need to pursue. Reforms, which are actually
prescribed, for each direction of public administration and the sphere of
social development. The start-up phase, in fact, means that we have made a
choice in favor of European integration. But the next stage, I mean the
prospect of Ukraine’s membership in the EU, depends on the extent to which we
will use this agreement and how successfully we will carry out structural
reforms, that is, we will fulfill the Association Agreement.

In this
interview we can see that the author talks about unresolved issues and problems
that we have nowardays in Ukraine. In 4th Chapter, head 1-6 we can
find  the regulation of issues of duties,
quotas, rules for regulating disputes, also there is a list of rules applicable
to imported goods, as well as a reciprocal obligation for cross-border
services, delivery rules, international transport, and much more. Clearly
prescribed new customs rules and economic changes reduce the problem and
complexity of the implementation of the European style of economic, political,
social, ideological directions of life. This is the actual instruction on the
norms and laws that should be the first to formulate a plan with clear rules,
and then the Ukrainian realities.

Zhalilo, economist:

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