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Walt Disney Once Said, “All our dreams can
come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Goals and dreams are
important to each and one of us without them in our life, life would be so
boring. They are what motivate us to better ourselves and to continue forward with our everyday obstacles to get towards our future
goals and dreams. Three of my Personal Goals are to graduate with an
Associates Degree in Nursing, to be able to speak different languages and
Travel around the World.

always dreamed of becoming a Nurse, It has been something I always saw myself
doing. Helping others is something I Enjoy doing. Being able to connect with
patients and helping them to get better when they are at their worst is a very
rewarding feeling.  At this moment I am
currently doing my Prerequisites to be able to get into the Nursing program
here at Chaffey College.  Although, Chaffey
College doesn’t pick students based on the grades but based on their GPA I know I must do my best in all my classes
in order to continue with my passion for nursing. According to Chaffey, the
Prerequisite GPA must be 2.8 or higher and the Cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher.
You must also have had completed at the
time of the application Anatomy, Physiology, Composition, Microbiology, and
Microbiology Lab. Upon successful completion with
all the Nursing classes at the end, there’s a requirement that All Future Nurses
need to take before becoming Officially Registered Nurses the (NCLEX) The National
Council for Licensure
Examination. I know this Journey won’t be easy But I wouldn’t trade it for
the world.

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My second personal goal is to
be able to speak different languages.  Learning
new languages is always an exciting experience, It can help you be successful in your life and in your career,  but also has the benefit of understanding
other cultures. I myself am bilingual I am fortunate to be able to speak Spanish
and English, Although, my goal is to speak
Italian as my third Language. You’re probably asking why Italian? Well to begin
with Italian is similar to Latin and in my opinion,
Italian is a very beautiful language, and it
is also the 5th most studied language
in the U.S.

Lastly, Traveling around the world is one of my other goals in life, I have always wanted to experience the different
sights, different smells the sounds the food and the people from different places.
When I was younger, I remember the first time I traveled to a different Country  Guadalajara Mexico. The second largest city in the country, Known as the land of
tequila and mariachi. Guadalajara has
many attractions that just blow your mind one of the many is the Cathedral an impressive religious landmark
in the center of the Mexican city. Destroyed and rebuilt several times during
its lifetime, the cathedral is a fascinating blend of architectural styles.
Admire by its impressive gothic towers and beautiful stained-glass windows imported
from France. The cathedral’s altar is made from marble and silver and has three chapels,
where you can quietly reflect and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Attraction would be the huge food court
in the city’s daily market, the Mercado San Juan de Dios You can feast for days
on torta ahogada  Which is (a “drowned sandwich” stuffed with fried pork, covered in a spicy
tomato and chilli sauce and served with avocado, onions, and radishes), or fish ceviche (marinated in lime
juice and served with tostadas (fried tortillas) and crackers or tacos, which
are served everywhere.

that said my goal is to travel around the
world and create more memories and in the future be able to share my experiences
with my kids and tell them stories of all the amazing places, there are around the world.



















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