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WARNING: Story has subjects that may be sensitive to some readers. You have been warned, baka.Story #5: The Blue Ribbon GirlCHAPTER ONE: HAPPY EVER ENDINGBlood is red, Ribbons are blue, Dreams are dead, and soon, I’ll be too.”Ribbon?! RIBBON! RIBBON PICK UP THE PHONE!” My friends were all trying to reach me. They’re simply too naive to know that this is for the best. “Silver, it’s alright. It’s for the best.” I tried to comfort the girl on the other end as best as I could. It was time. The clock struck eleven. “Silver, I have to go.” “RIbbon… Please…” “I’m sorry.” “RIBBON! RIBBON COME BACK!” click. I had to hang up on her. I pulled on a simple nightgown, a grayish-blue dress. As soon as I knew my mom was asleep, I took action. I reached for the deep blue ribbon I had stashed under my pillow. My fingers flew over it, tying the familiar knot. The hangman’s knot. I tied the other end tightly to the ladder next to my bed. I was satisfied with this. Was there really something wrong with me? They say there’s something wrong with my head… I’m not normal. Those who are not beautiful in nature’s eyes deserve to be eradicated, right? That’s all I’m doing. Making this world a better place. There’s work to be done.My legs trembled as I stepped up to the wooden ladder that led up to by my bed. My eyes drifted to the knot I had tied. They stayed for a while as I stared. My mind was a bit fuzzy on what had led to all of this. I reflected on why I was in this mess.My name is Ribbon Blue. I am 12 years of age. I constantly fail those around me. I am causing them pain. I must heal their pain. Pain. Suffering. End it, End it, End it! I sincerely apologize for all of their pain. For them, these are the words I say…”I love you. Each and every one. But sometimes, you must sacrifice much. I will be that sacrifice for you. Forget me, for it will be easier on you.” Those are the words I wish to be my last. There’s so much more to say, but I do not know how to express these feelings. The time has come to take action. I took theknot I had tied and climbed 2 rungs up my ladder. I slipped my head through the loop of the knot, and jumped from the ladder. Finally, i’ll save them, I’ll save them all. Awake, a strange feeling. A sensation I had before experienced, but felt strange now, life. I had failed. My one objective, and I failed. I took the knot away from my neck, and stepped away. I was a bit unsteady on my feet, but soon I was walking fine. Much to my dismay, I had to go to school today anyways. This was going to be a long day…CHAPTER TWO: A HEART OF FLAME AND A RIBBON OF BLUE My footsteps echoed against the sidewalk. Man. Woman. Child. Friend. Enemy. The labels I had assigned, Unfairly, even, to the people I knew. My stomach burned with nervousness, afraid someone would notice. Where is she? Her. My best friend, the girl I could trust, Flame Heart. “Oh, hey Diamond” I greeted a girl who waved hi to me. Diamond Shine. She was so… Perfect. I didn’t know how she did it, but I needed to find Flame Heart. I didn’t have time to dwell on Diamond. “RIIIIBBBOOONNNN!!!” Flame! “Waahhhh!!!” I shrieked as we both tumbled to the ground. “Oof!” we fell onto the grass, giggling without a care in the entire world. But there was a twinge of pain and sadness. “Hey Flame, I need to talk to you later.” I looked over at her. “Alright, want to meet up behind the tree?” “Sure,” I replied. We both pride ourselves off the grass and walked to class, talking about a manga we had read, feeling nothing one way or the other.”How is Ayumi your favorite character?!” Flame stared at me wide-eyed. We whispered at each other during our history class once our teacher was looking away, much to her suspicion. “How is Akane yours!” Anime. Yes, Anime. But im sure if she knew what I’d done we wouldn’t be laughing.The day progressed normally, people speaking in hushed whispers to avoid unnecessary attention by our teachers, speaking about anything and everything. Everything we knew, anyways. The bell for lunch rang. It was time.”Ribbon, are you ok?” The worry in Flame’s voice was evident. “Yeah, fine. Just follow me.” Together we walked to the tree, still bright and green in the early September noon. “Flame… I wanted to talk to you about…”CHAPTER THREE: BURNING THE BRIDGE BEHIND US”Look… Flame… I-I…” The other girl looked very tense “Ribbon, what is it?” “I failed to save you.” “Save? Ribbon, what are you talking about?” I tried to choke back tears “I wanted to do this for you” “What, Ribbon, do what?” “I- I just want to die.” “Snap out of it Ribbon! Just tell me what’s wrong!” “It’s… It’s…” How could I be so stupid?! Why would I tell her this?! “I… I tried to hang myself…” “You WHAT?!” Flame gripped onto my wrist. “ARE YOU INSANE?!” “Please forgive me…” “I forgive you, Ribbon, I just don’t know where this all came from.” “I’m so sorry…” “Aww, stop being such a crybaby Ribbon! It’s ok, i’m here, we’re here together.” Flame was right. That was all that mattered. Me and her, here, together.”Hey guys, what’s up?” Oh my God. Now of all times? I just needed to be alone… Marine Wave. A girl who I always pretended to like because I didn’t want to be rude… “Marine, we’re kind of in the middle of something…” “Oh.” Marine looked down and walked away. She looked so sad… Disappointed… I hurt someone once again. I’m a monster. Failure. Disappointment. Hurt was even evident in Flame’s eyes… Why did I tell her?Did things really have to be like this? Why… Why did I have to tell her… I could have just laughed care-free. That building with the tawny bricks, so long ago, we sat, laughing over a foolish joke that was forgotten in a minute.. We were so… Naive, Stupid even, to think it could last forever. Nothing is immortal. The day I met Flame was an alright one. It was nothing special, really. Until I saw her. She was different from anyone else I had seen, both in color of skin and in character. She came to me, and asked that question, the question that still resonates in my mind: “Do you want to be my friend?”Of course, I said yes, like any small child would. We proceeded to run around like imbeciles, pretending to be blasting off in a rocket ship. Our favorite thing to do was always to play pretend. But we can’t do that now. Not anymore.CHAPTER FOUR: THE BROKEN HEART OF THE BRAVE ONESFlame “Ribbon! Ribbon, wake up! You’ve been asleep for hours!” I invited Ribbon over to my house for a sleepover, and she does love to sleep. But ever since that day, there’s always been a certain… pain, I feel when I talk to her. Almost like some distorted nightmare from which we’ll never wake up. Since that day, i’ve always tried to be the brave one, like a big sister, despite the fact that Ribbon was older than I. Finally, Ribbon blinked open her eyes, a lovely blue, and we went downstairs for breakfast. “It’s so sweet!” she laughed. We were eating chocolate donuts, because I knew she loved chocolate. I like chocolate too, but lately, something strange has been happening. I’m starting to lose interest in so many of the things I loved. Ever since that day, everything is broken. Everything but her.

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