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Washington clearly understood his political goal, and this would allow him to shape his military strategy accordingly. During the first conflicts, Washington saw many victories against the British especially during the battle for Bunker Hill. It was the first time that the Americans saw that they could actually defeat the once thought indestructible British in conventional warfare. It wasn’t until the conflict in New York on August 22nd where Washington would lose a quarter of his command, about 970 men killed or injured, and 1079 taken captive that would cause Washington to rethink how he would strategically conduct warfare from this point on. George Washington knew that conventional warfare would be suicide against the sheer size, manpower, and capabilities of the British military. Washington knew that if he were to have any chance at achieving a free and independent America, he would need to keep his army alive, and therefore keep the Revolutionary cause alive (Weigley, 1973, pp. 5-13). Washington would set about on a new course to victory in a Sun Tzu approach to the Art of War.

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