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Water pollution is a huge problem in Canada that needs to be stopped, it can not only have a negative impact on the environment and damage it but it can also be bad for us, after all, we all need water to live. Canada is abundant in water, but a lot of it is unusable because it is being polluted. Water pollution has a bad impact on us, animals, our food (fish and such) and the environment. It can disturb food chains. multiple important lakes and rivers are being polluted more and more every day. The effects water pollution has on us can be terrific, in many poor nations, outbreaks of cholera and diseases like Dracunculiasis, Malaria, HIV, Typhoid, Neurological Dysfunction and many others are quite frequent, all of them occurring as a result of poor drinking water treatment from contaminated waters, not only that, but people can also easily get diseases such as hepatitis by eating seafood that has been poisoned (30 Terrible, 2017). In our country lakes and rivers are being polluted more and more every day and as of right now, well Canada still has no governmental policies to protect these rivers and lakes, an example is The Great Lakes, even though they contain about 20% of the world’s freshwater supply they are still being polluted. Some sources of pollution are pesticide runoffs, wastewater, air pollution, and development (Water, 2016). Most people ignore this huge problem, not being affected by it, but what if one day polluted water found its way into someone’s house? People expect clean water when all they do is pollute it. Over 80% of the diseases spread worldwide come from water pollution.The biggest problem water pollution causes is that it kills the organisms that live/depend on said water bodies. Crabs, fish, birds, and seagulls often end up dead on the beach, because of pollutants in the water, the plants and animals that live in those polluted waters can’t take such big contaminations, that usually would disturb breeding and feeding patterns by making them either relocate their habitats or more commonly would simply kill them (E., 2017).We can help stop water pollution in many different ways, both directly and indirectly. We could get the government to set up laws protecting water bodies, we can make donations to water conservation organisations or even join one if time isn’t a problem, or just something as small as not keeping the water running while brushing our teeth, or not disposing of oil in the sink (Canada, 2010). Many governments around the world have some very strict laws to help reducing water pollution, those laws are usually directed at public places like hospitals, industries, schools, and market areas and are usually on how and where to dispose treat and manage their sewage (How, n.d.).This is why we all need to help reducing water pollution before it causes more damage to not only us but also the environment/ecosystems, especially the aquatic life. It may not appear like a lot but if we all work together we can reduce pollution by a lot and maybe one day it will stop completely, and there will be less useless deaths, and people getting diseases because of contaminated water that didn’t get filtered properly.

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