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We make it perfectly clear what plagiarism is and as you are aware, plagiarism is an act of misconduct and according to our ‘misconduct policy’, after we have concluded our investigation we are to suspend you from the course with immediate effect whilst giving you the opportunity to appeal.

If you wish to appeal you must notify us within 14 days of today’s date to trigger your entitlement. You must also give us a reason why you are appealing against this decision.

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What happens if you appeal?

We are required to submit your work along with assessment feedback and an IQA report form the Centre IQA / Head of Centre to the CMI Quality Manager who will review your case. BBE Training will then receive a report with the outcome. This has no fixed period although the CMI usually turn work around in 6 weeks. BBE Training will then notify you in turn the outcome within 14 days of receiving it from the CMI.

If the decision is upheld that you have committed plagiarism you will be automatically removed from the course. If the decision is overturned you will be reinstated back on to the course with full support for the remaining duration of your course.

The decision of the CMI Quality Manager will be final with regards to the outcome, however you can then appeal to OfQual if you disagree with the decision of the CMI. At this point you will need to refer to the CMI appeals policy.

Please note that: (taken from the CMI investigation procedures)

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