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Phil knight was asked what you we
can tell us about your weaknesses: he said that : I’m very emotional and
passionate. This weakness can have a negative impact in term of making the
strict and right decision.

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Risk taker can be both a strength
and weakness . Phil knight is a risk taker as he starts his business without
any background in the sport industry. He didn’t believe in advertising as a
marketing tools and he preferred athletes to promote his product.

His over confidence towards his
employees can also be a weakness as sometimes he depends largely on managers
and employees decision.



One of the particular skills Phil Knight has is
the potential to be imaginative and  to look
for  various products  and  prepare it into something totally new. His potential to look from
various sides and integrate it
into a brand new modern product is one of the hallmarks of Knight mental ability and expertise
that makes Nike being one of the most successful  and modern companies.


Phil Knight
himself felt that his best expertise
is in the development of new products
and making Nike a unique company. . He noticed a technological and social obstacle, and keeping have a vision of any something that could benefit the company.

He has a big ability
in empowering and influencing his employee making them do their best to be
successful, as he also has a high level of communication skills.

Phil Knight went
to a specific version of looking at what was going on in the market  and society and power new improvement based on
that, with the purpose  of
making  it simple  and easy use. These are things that the purchaser might
also have never imagined. with the
aid of leading the client, Phil Knight felt he may want to convey  a step forward change to the
world  around him. It is an
individualistic, creative urge extra than
a collaborative one in that feel, whilst he worked collectively within Nike to deliver these often-innovative merchandise to market.


Phil Knight is a
risk taker and he always strives to try any new technology despite
the fact that it means undercutting previous one in which Nike promoting. Phil Knight has been inclined to introduce unproven technology. 


He’s inclined to try new matters despite the fact that they’re now
not popularly known or have by no means been accepted. Nike itself seems to in a mode of never-ending risk taking.
Possibly that is because it has
no assure of fulfillment like other companies who are competing inside the marketplace.

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