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Web solution proposalWordpress started out as a blogging system and became the most popular free Content Management System you can find on the Internet, it is used for over 50 million websites. It’s success comes from being ridiculously flexible with more than 10.000 themes and even more custom plugins. It is user friendly, an individual without any prior web development knowledge should be able to set up a webpage or blog. You can download and install a software script called WordPress. To do this you need a web host who meets the minimum requirements and a little time. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. There is also a service called which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in seconds, but varies in several ways and is less flexible than the WordPress you download and install yourself. We decided that is superior compared to in our case due to its flexibility. Many hosting services already include a wordpress install option in their hosting package, making the life of the wordpress developer even easier. For our solution we choose over a custom built website for multiple reasons. A custom built website requires more resources and expertise to build and deploy. As students WordPress allows us to create the digital training platform for GAME with minimal web development knowledge and experience. With the right plugin and theme choices we are able to build a powerful platform that meets all the needs of our customer. Learndash features:  MembershipsLearnDash makes it possible to sell  individual courses and each course acts as its own “membership”, effectively granting content access to only those who are enrolled. In GAME’s case the courses will be free, but the option to monetize courses will always be available if needed in the future. When someone purchases a membership level, they are automatically enrolled in any course that is part of that level.Multi-Tier CoursesBreak-up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories. Learndash can sort courses by categories and the courses are built up of multiple layers. Courses are built up of multiple lessons and lessons can contain multiple topics. Quizzes can be assigned to any layer of the course.QuizzingQuizzes offer eight different question types with the options you need to customize the quizzing experience.Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Sorting, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, and Essay questions all supported. Quizzes can be assigned to any type of course layer and can be setup to award certain amount of points or even a custom made certificate upon completion.Certificates & BadgesAward official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both. This is the function that lets Playmakers showcase their knowledge and course progress by acquiring certificates. Certificates can be customized and support dynamic data generation, including:First & Last NameCourse or Quiz NameDate StampsQuiz ScoreAvg. Score of All Quizzes in a CourseDetailed ReportingLearnDash reporting captures various details about users and courses. Data from reports can be used for statistics, for improving the website, to track user preferences etc. Reports can include a user’s enrolled courses, their progress, quiz attempts, their quiz scores, time spent on a course and more.Email NotificationsLearndash makes it possible to send email notifications based on user level, course enrollment or user groups. Theme Learndash is designed to be compatible with the majority of WordPress themes and page-builder plugins.  Choosing different themes won’t have any effect on the underlying structure of the website.Cost breakdownThe package containing all the previously presented plugins and functions normally costs $189 annually, equal to approximately 1195 DKK. This purchase will enable the download of the LearnDash plugin package and contains a 1 year support and update license. This license can be really valuable because the LearnDash support team will troubleshoot and fix the errors regarding LearnDash. This support is not totally necessary in every case. I would personally suggest buying the Plus package once, and in the duration of that 1 year support it will be evident whether there is a need for continuous support or not. After the first support-license year the price of the support and update renewal will be 50% of the original price.Learnpress features:Learnpress has been developed with a plugin-first approach, meaning that is has a lightweight core with only the essential features included to avoid long page load times. The core features can be further expanded with the addition of Learnpress add-on plugins. Such as a plugin adding the feature to provide certificates is on the wordpress market for $39. Simple Course creationLearnPress provides a simple one page course creation, meaning that a user wouldn’t need to browse through more than a single page to create a course. Options for each lesson and quiz are neatly displayed right under the content feed and take effect immediately after you make any changes, all thanks to a clever use of auto save.QuizzesLearnPress Quiz currently supports four types of questions: True or False, Single choice, Multiple choice and Fill in blank.Portable DataThe LearnPress Export/Import add-on allows you to export/clone courses and then import them at a later stage. You can also import them to any other website, which also uses LearnPress.LightweightLearnpress is expecting a Learning Management System to have high traffic of users therefore it focuses on optimizing performance. The main package only focuses on the essential features needed for E-learning.ScalabilityNext to the main package additional features can be  obtained by downloading add-ons providing a high level of scalability. Learner trackingThis is an important feature not only for a Learning Management System but also for any system. LearnPress provides two functions: the first one that can be found in the LearnPress core, is a statistics generator that collates user data in the form of neat looking statistics. The other function is brought in by the Gradebook add-on to show students progress and their current result.Learndash and Learnpress comparisonLearndash and Learnpress are both Learning Management System plugins. They are both designed to help with the creation of e-learning platforms. They not only meet the fundamental requirements for an LMS plugin but offer more. However each one has their pros and cons.First of all Learnpress is a open source LMS plugin, that is and always will be free as claimed on their official website. In contrast to that LearnDash has a price( the plus package costs $189 ) and it’s source is closed to safeguard their product.Learnpress being open source is actively developed by its community, anyone can use, change and redistribute its source code. This attribute of Learnpress increases it’s customization. The plugin is actively updated by users themselves when they discover bugs. When using Learnpress the course creator has to rely on the help of the Learnpress community when running into problems.LearnDash being developed and maintained by a company promises a level of seriousness that cannot be expected from a large community. The initial price of buying the LearnDash plugin package includes customer support service. This means when the webpage runs into problems with LearnDash, the customer support will take responsibility for fixing these problems. A group of professionals whose help the customer can rely on. Learndash’s close sourced system might be more suitable for sites whom need a higher level of security and don’t want to share their source to the public.Compared to Learnpress, Learndash has an overloaded kit with a collection of add-ons included in the initial package. Learnpress on the other hand has many user created addons, both free and monetized. Learnpress addons are community created so their guarantee can be questionable and need personal testing to examine that they function correctly. When a plugin contains a lot of features that are not beneficial for the website, thats what overloaded or bloated plugin mean. Learndash could be an example of a bloated plugin, including a large collection of features in a single plugin. Often bloated plugins tend to slow the website down. In contrary to this Learnpress only includes the absolute essentials in its core. With the option to be expanded by additional addons. Recommended hosting options:When choosing a hosting option in our case  we can put them in two simple groups.  Shared web hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting. Shared web hosting is the most popular hosting option due to its low cost. With shared hosting multiple websites share the same IP address and the resources of the server including memory, hard disk space and the bandwidth. The disadvantages of shared web hosting is limited memory speed, slower site speed, possible Search Engine Optimization and security issues due to multiple sites hosted on the same server sharing IP address.To find out what dedicated WordPress hosting really means, i reached out to Jamie Lawrence a Sales Development Representative at, a hosting service fully dedicated to optimized WordPress hosting. After I asked about the advantages of dedicated WordPress hosting he gave the following answer: “The main benefits are in the performance and security of our offering, generic providers offer a standard hardware configuration, not optimised for any CMS which means no matter how much hardware you have, it will be inefficient. We provide a fully optimised platform, which is lightning fast and ultra secure and custom support for WordPress if you have a problem” After browsing through the hosting options provided by the hosts suggested on : Bluehost, Dreamhost and SiteGround, i quickly came to the conclusion that these offers are quite overpriced. I conducted my own research and came to the conclusion that the Inmotion hosting offers the best value for its price.

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