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Week 5 – Final Paper     Week 5- Final Paper          Donna Staley   ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                Instructor: Kristen Adler                    January 22, 2018Week 5- Final Paper  When it comes to the study of human culture it gives us a different sight of other cultures closely as well as we are able to develop a distinctive perspective to better comprehend the other cultures from their stand points as well as through their eyes. It can be hard to take something and see it from another’s point of view without wanting to judge. We have to use another technique and there are two ways to look at culture one can be from an etic perspective and the other can be from a emic perspective. Emic perspective is from an insiders point of view by looking at the culture from within the culture itself. Where Etic is and outsiders over view of the culture from someone who has never lived the life of a culture or even practice it. Part I With this paper I am going to be writing from an etic perspective to look at an outsiders point of view of African American Culture. I am also going to look another culture from an etic perspective to better understand the culture and how they act and explore the details of their cultural system. I am going to look at  African American race and how they practice their culture as well as their behavior, in distinction with Native Nacirema’s cultures.  I am going to prove that even though they have time and space between the two they still have the same similarities to each other. Some might say it is not possible that the two are similar nor are they alike. I am going to show that they are alike even though they are two different cultures. They have many comparisons to each other when it comes to behavior. I am going to use the technique of cultural relativism to grasp Nacirema culture as well as the customs of it, related to African American culture as well as their customs that I may or may  not understand or even agree with(Carpo,2013). Now, from an emic perspective looking at African American culture in similarities to Nacirema culture as shown in Miner’s article, I can see the similarities between the two. Someone would perceive that there is no way that these two could in anyway have similarities in common. However, it is wonderful that this is rational that these two have many behaviors that have been found all over the world ( Miner,1956).   Even though African American have no real connection to Nacirema  it has been shown through closely researched aspects that are common in culture. I am going to back these facts up with articles to show the aspects of my culture as an African American from an emic perspective in distinction of Nacirema. I am going to show culturally perspective in this part, with no judgment as well as no opinion. I do know that the perspective of Nacirema that I have does not full understand the Nacirema culture.  When it comes to African Americans we care about our looks when we leave the house. We are taught that faith and religion play a role in our everyday life as well as what we do. Within our culture from our ancestors rituals as well as ceremonies were a huge part of our culture. Our practices started to flourish as contrast practices or total innovations in religion. African Americans also understand their culture by identifying with poetry and music. African Americans face struggles everyday based on their race as well as beliefs. As an African American I face challenges such as living in low income housing due to being a single mother. I also face job security because of being a single mother and having to make sure that my children are safe and cared for while I am working. As an African American woman I understand my culture through my religion of Christianity. My faith teaches me that all men and women are equal and that I should treat others how I myself would want to be treated. My culture feels that family is important and should always come first. Being an African American in America we are set to higher standards then your average American person such like the Nacirema people are.  Part II When it comes to other cultures an outsider may not understand why certain cultures behaviors are different from another cultures. This is called etic perspective. We are going to look at two different cultures with an outsiders perspective with no opinion or judgement passed. African American culture has many different rituals that they practice and many of their beliefs have followed them even in today’s society in America. A few practices of African American culture here in America are religion and the use of traditional medicine. Like here in America  we believe that medicine given to us by a doctor is more useable then a home remedy . Where in African American people they feel as though herbal medicine is the best medicine to use because it is more natural to treat a common cold then a pill or antibiotic given by a doctor. African American’s believe strong in their faith and religion because it is what helps them make through any tuff situation that they may face. Here in America we lack when it comes to religion and faith because we do not feel that it will help us in any situation that we may face.  An African American custom is a Family Reunion , they have these to bring their families together that they have not seen in awhile because they are big on family an knowing that everyone is okay and to catch up on time that may have been lost due to work , kids or school. The  family is the rock of African American culture since slavery through racial segregation. It was the structure of the African American family, grounded in unavoidable collectivism, that enabled survival from slavery and sustenance throughout the tumultuous days of Jim Crow and widespread white supremacy. While African American family reunions are forum for health promotions I am going to show you what stands out the most from my personal outsider experience of this cultures events. An this is the roasting of the pig as well as eating it. One would be confused as to why they would want to eat a pig.  For African Americans the pig is a cultural icon. African American men an women from many southern states hold high defense to the sanctity of the pig.

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