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Weekly Question : Week 2 – causes : explain the contributing
factors to this issue.


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Main causes of cybercrimes:
motivated cybercrimes:
Those are the crimes committed to get money in return as
the risks of getting caught is lower and the financial rewards are higher.
(malware – phishing – identity theft)
Miami hacker T Gonzales committed fraud and stole tens of millions of
credit card information and stole millions of dollars in 2009.
motivated cybercrimes:
Those are the crimes that are driven with emotions and
personal motivations such as hacking a Facebook account.
Employee Marie Lupe saw an ad in a newspaper by
her boss looking for someone to hire similar to her position. To take revenge
she erased data worth $2.5 million.
and teenage motivations:
Youngsters between the ages of 13 to 26 tend to be
reckless and are willing to do anything for fame which would cause damage
themselves and to society. 
15 year old hacker Michael aka MafiaBoy attacked a number
of high profile commercial websites like Amazon, CNN, Ebay and yahoo! Which
caused $1 billion in damages.


What did I learn
To sum up, cybercrime is an issue with three main motivations which are:
economical, personal, and teenage motivations. Economical motivations cause
financial damages to the victim while personal motivations cause both
financial and emotional damages to the victim. Teenage motivations could
cause any kind of harm because of how reckless they are.
Therefor we have to be careful where to place our sensitive information,
or if we should place them at all. The internet could be a dangerous place
and a lot of us fail to realize how serious it is until we become a victim of
a cybercrime. And that is the one thing I learnt from my research, that we
all should spread awareness about how legitimately dangerous it is not to
take precautions while using the internet as it could lead to severe damages
if we don’t.

Alternative Research/ Different Perspectives.
A lot people think that the more technology spreads the higher the risk
of cybercrimes, they suggest that we should not trust our information with
computers at all. They think that if your personal information was leaked, it
is your fault because you placed them somewhere unsafe and unsecure in the
first place. 
Other people blame the leakage of information on the companies they
bought their devices from, as it is thought that the software provided was
not secure enough. For example, if you placed your money somewhere out in the
open and it gets stolen, it’d be your fault, but if you placed your money
somewhere supposedly safe like a bank and it still gets stolen, you would
want to sue the bank. Same case here with your personal information on your

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