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What if Hitler was a Jew If Hitler was a Jew, Germany wouldn’t of gone out the depression because at that time the Jews had all the power and all the money. The Jews were the shop owners and the business owners. Hitler wouldn’t have been as passionate about murdering Jewish people because his hatred for Jews fueled his motivation. The reason people listened to him was because the Jewish people watched them starve but if Hitler was a Jew they wouldn’t have followed him.    What if the Native Americans killed the colonists During when the early explorers discovered the Americas, Europe was technologically more advanced in civilization and warfare than the Native Americans. In order for the Indians to successfully keep the potential settlers off their land, they would’ve had to kill every settler on site. Eventually they wouldn’t have kept them off, the land mass was to large and there was to many people trying to find a new route to Asia. What if there was no religion “Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try no hell below us above us only sky imagine all the people living for today.” Spirituality wouldn’t have it’s form or structure. You’d be free to find your own path to god ot flying spaghetti or whatever you believe in. Mankind would find another reason to create war.Had MLKJ not been part of the civil rights movement? After the civil war slaves were freed. However the inhuman treatment of black people was still horrible for the next 80 years and counting. The civil rights movement was moved forward by thinkers like MLKJ and the man of action president Johnson. After Martin Luther King Jr died in 1968 and Lyndon Johnson left office the civil rights movement came to a halt. If MLKJ had not been assassinated the civil rights act would have been more advanced than today. What if Bin Laden did not attack the United States on 9/11?Iraq and afghanistan and the surrounding areas are made up with hundreds of tribes. Bin Laden was the leader of Al qaeda, Al qaeda was one of the main tribe that kept all the other tribes (in check). Had America left Bin Laden alone ISIS wouldn’t be a problem today, The fact is America would have found a reason to go into iraq and afghanistan in order to to extract oil and lithium.    

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