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What is branding? – Branding is a way of promoting a
business and getting a business name out to people. This would be done by
advertising the business logo which can be easily recognised and is unique.

What is the definition of branding? – Branding is a process
in which a business creates a unique name and image of the business in the
minds of the customers. This is done through different campaigns. The campaign
always has a consistent theme. This aims to establish a presence in a market
that will help attract customers. In short words a brand is a Identity for a

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What is the purpose of branding? – Branding is to create
loyalty. Loyalty means that customers will be repeat customers which ends in
repeat sales. To gain loyalty from customers relationships would have to be
built with the customers. This would be a foundation of a strong brand. It is
also used to explain who and what a business are. This means they would explain
what service or products they provide and who they provide them for.

What are a company or businesses objective of branding? – The
objective of branding is to create a name or identity for the business so it is
recognised and trusted. This allows them to sell to more people successfully
due its brand. It also gives customers expectation. This means that by looking
at the brand the customer would have a certain expectation of the business. Branding
allows increase in sales and build customers awareness on their products. This
adds value.

What are the benefits of branding? – The benefits of
branding is that it makes a customer more likely to remember the business. IF a
customer recognise the brand they are more likely to trust the business, which
could result in higher chance of sale. It will also show the quality of the
business because people see the brand as a part of the product and service.

Explain following branding strategies –

Family branding is when a well known business
that create similar products in a similar market. For an example Apple. They
create iPhones and iPod. These are 2 different but similar items which appeal
to a similar market.

Individual branding is when a business sells
different items that is for different target markets. 

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