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What if you couldn’t touch anything from the outside world? What if you couldn’t feel the fresh
outside air all over your body? Well, Stella Meghie, the brilliant director of this fantastic novel,
came up with a thrilling story about a girl named Maddy Whittier. Who is almost 18 years old. But
she’s never been outside. Everything, everything is a stunning story jam packed with Romance,
adventure and excitement. The exhilarating drama packed love and happiness will immediately
make you adore Maddy Whittier and Olly Bright.
Maddy Whittier (Amandla Stenberg) says that she’s got an extremely rare, possibly fatal
condition recognized as SCID: Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. Her immune system is
practically non-existent. Which means the house where she lives with her hardworking, attentive,
skilled mother who’s a medical doctor herself, is sealed from the outside world. The front door is
an air-lock. “I feel like an astronaut trapped in space,” Maddy states. “Every day is exactly the
same.” And it is; surfing the internet, reading, working out, chatting with her caring nurse, Carla.
Maddy dreams of going to the ocean. She has never seen it, she wants to feel the warmth of the
water rushing through her skin. It’s not that Maddy’s life is bad, it’s just that the outside world she
dreams of experiencing is endlessly off limits for her. Until that day, that different day. When he
shows up. How can she take her eyes off the boy next door? Well, she can’t. Olly Bright (Nick
Robinson) is Maddy’s new next-door neighbor. And as fate would have it, Olly’s bedroom window
is right across from hers. Making it unbearable for the pair of utterly fascinated and curious teens
to ignore each other…
This fascinating film deserves to be played by astounding actors and actresses. And it is!
Winning first place at the BET YoungStars Awards in 2016, Amandla Stenberg (plays Maddy
Whittier) is possibly one of the most impressive and remarkable eighteen-year-old out there!
Stenberg is an all-time favourite. She is as talented as my spoon playing skills. The likeable and
talented Nick Robinson (plays Olly Bright) is also an astonishing actor! You may know him for his
roles in the films Jurassic World, The Kings of Summer, The 5th Wave, Everything, Everything,
and Love, Simon. He is an American actor born March 22nd, 1995. The director of this truly
terrific tale is the Canadian film director and screenwriter, Stella Meghie. Coming up with a
beautiful, romantic, and astounding novel. In my opinion, this film is very well made. I can tell the
tremendous amount of effort the editors put in to produce this breath-taking movie. The
voiceovers stand out for me. Especially in the trailer, all the voiceovers fit extremely perfectly with
the video and does not get you confused; as it does in some other movies. The film is also acted,
Photographed and directed certainly well all in all.
Maddy and Olly’s relationship takes a jump forward when Maddy persuades Carla into letting the
boy into the house to actually talk to her. They’ll have to stay on opposite sides of the room. But
they can finally have a real face-to-face conversation. Dr. Whittier fires Carla for allowing Olly in
the house. She unhappily says goodbye to Maddy. Dr. Whittier employs a new, harsher nurse to
care for Maddy. She and Olly remain to communicate privately. One evening, Maddy goes into
her favourite room and sees that Olly stuck heaps of photos of the ocean, with a message saying
that each ocean deserves to be seen by Maddy. But we all know that love struck teens aren’t
always trustworthy when it comes to keeping agreements. Particularly when they reach the
dangerous conclusion that experiencing life, even if only for a short amount of time, is more vital
than actually remaining alive. Maddy writes a note to her mum saying she has left. She walks
over to Olly’s house and says she purchased 2 plane tickets to Hawaii. Olly tells her to return
home for her wellbeing, but Maddy claims that she’s been taking a medicine that protects her
well for now. Convinced, Olly takes them both to the airport…
Lastly, Everything, everything is awfully attention-grabbing, tense and engaging. I strongly
recommend watching this show. It is absolutely worth your time and money, I would see it again
any day! The release date is May 19th 2016. So, keep your eyes and ears out and go enjoy this
movie as soon as you can! In conclusion, from young children to elders, I will guarantee you that
everyone will fall in love with this movie in seconds.

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