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What are we if not afraid of the
passing of time? Time is probably one of the few things that is able to make us
all humble, we are all equal facing time, none can fool it, no one can dodge
its effects on our lives, and we all, somewhere deep inside of us, crave for a
legacy, to leave something behind, something that we will be remembered for.

time capsule is, a simple means of reassuring ourselves that we are able to
leave something on this earth, long after we pass away, it gives us the
opportunity of being understood as we would want to be, by storing items that
can define us, for them to be found by the generations that follow.

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the things I would like to be able to place in a time capsule are, first of
all, photographs, so that the memory of myself, of the way I used to look, at
certain points in my life, live on, perhaps a diary as well, so that my
thoughts reach out to people that I, wouldn’t be able to speak to in person, so
that the ones that live years after I am no longer here know of what I
perceived life as being. I would also store some old records, jazz records,
Queen albums, because music brings us closer, generations apart, music still
has the same effects on us as people, it manages to bring us closer, to unite us.
Love letters, old ones, maybe some from when I was a teenager, maybe some from
when i believed that I found the love of my life, and the ones in which I pour
my soul trying to get over less happy moments, trying to leave behind how I
believed love was.

capsules become, in my opinion, part of us, we do not just store items in them,
we store pieces of ourselves, some which may never perish, but, the most
important item I would put in a time capsule is a toy, to remind those who come
across what I tried to leave behind that, we must never lose the childish side
of our personalities, to always remember to smile, to laugh, and enjoy the
smaller things in life.

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