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            What Shelly is trying to tell the
reader is that your actions have consequence. But you as a person must be able
to deal with your actions. Pushing things away only makes things worse, and
Shelly makes this very clear by telling you the story of Victor Frankenstein.

            The last way that Shelly shows
lessons learned is by Victor trying to save Walton from making the same
mistake. He tells Walton that he shares the same madness as he, what he means
by this is that Victor wanted his name to go down in history and he was willing
to do whatever it took to get to his goal, even if it meant being a grave
robber. That is exactly what lead to his down fall, the thing that he made came
back and got him. Karma.  Victor had
learned his lesson and he is trying to save Walton because just like Victor
Walton is willing to let people die so he could reach the South Pole, but lucky
for Walton he changes his mind and lives the rest of his life out in good

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            Mary Shelly shows moral values, rights
and wrong in Victor’s life by showing you his important life experiences. One
of this is when his mother dies and then Victor would like to create life which
then makes him think that he is equal to God. Victor made one bad decision
after another. After he made the monster he left the monster to fend for
himself and he just thought that he would just let the monster die instead of
dealing with the monster. Then instead of telling anyone what he did the
monster decide to kill Victor’s happiness by picking off one family member at a
time. And finally after Victor had lost everything he decide to go peruse the
monster. In some ways the monster was just like an unloved child the only way
that the monster could get any sort of feeling was if he caught the attion of
Victor. In the monsters eyes any feeling was better than no feeling.

detail that the Shelly puts into her book is there to provide a clue about the
emotions and background. The emotions that she shows is the anger that the
monster shows when Victor refuses to make a mate or when the monster learns to
read and falls in love with the people living in the hut. The background that
is used is there to help the reader understand what is going on; such as in the
letters when he is talking about going to Russia, talking about how is
disobeying his father wishes, and when he writing down Victors story.  Both emotion and details help the reader
understand why the carters did certain things.

story Frankenstein was a great story but what makes it good is the detail of
the story.

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