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What is service?


Service is generally defined as: “Work done for others” or
“The action of helping or doing work for someone”. However, this definition
really falls short in hospitality. A better definition would be the following:
“A performance directed at satisfying the needs of a customer”. The most
important thing about service for me is to understand it is an activity that is

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Let’s start with basic service – a business with a fast food
service where people’s interaction with employees is close to zero. The more
people spend the better service they expect – and they are not expecting the
tangible accommodations, they are seeking for the unforgettable intangible
experience – service taken to the next level. This for me is the best
description of the hospitality industry and this is where a hotel’s values come


Hospitality is about interaction. It can be checking in a
guest, cleaning their room, serving them food in a restaurant, serving them
beverage in a lounge room or anything else linked to assisting a guest.


In today’s world we have all these great chains of hotels
that look exactly the same. From brand to brand, from town to town, from hotel
to another. Yet, every smile looks completely different. Guests cannot be
greeted with the same genuine smile in every hotel they check in, no matter how
hardly trained the staff is. What people really remember about a hotel is not just the service but its
hospitality. People remember the moments where they felt they are special and
they belonged where they were.


Let’s think
about restaurants. People don’t go to restaurants just because they want to eat
something. They are doing it because they are looking for experiences. This is
what people pay for and this is why service is so important nowadays.


Let me give
you an example. Let’s think about your very best experience in a restaurant.

Everything was great – from the food to the service and atmosphere, even the
other guests around you seemed the friendliest people in the world. But what if
the service was poor. What if the waiter didn’t quite perform the way they were
supposed to?  How would you feel about
your restaurant experience? Would it still be the best of yours or just an
average one? Unfortunately, I’ve had this
unpleasant experience and this is what made me choose the topic.


I have been
studying in Swiss Hotel Management School for 5 months already and I have been
asking myself the same questions all that time. What makes people coming back
to the same hotel again? Is it just the service experienced or there is
something else?


And here is something I would like to ask you. Imagine you
are an owner of a hotel, ask yourself, what are your guests really looking for:
service or hospitality?




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