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What it means to be an AmericanAnthony Camel Over the history of the United States we have had 45 presidents, one of which has been African American, the others have all been caucasian, and a majority of the presidents throughout history have been apart of the 1% crew. This is just a mere example of how the caucasian group has been ruling the United States since the beginning of our nation. This statement shows that in order to have power in our nation you have to be white or rich. To be an American means to have has much power as possible. As I said in the opening paragraph to be an American means to have power, a prime example of this would be Donald Trump and his campaign to become president. The Trump campaign’s catchphrase was “Make America great again”, this would imply that the previous president, Barack Obama, who was african american made america a bad or a worse place to live. Also Trump is a member of the 1% crew, which is a group of billionaires, he is a white male, this shows that he fits the profile of past presidents which would make it easier to understand why he won the election. His opponent in the election, Hillary Clinton,  fit some of these parameters but she is a female and this was not popular among a lot of male voters in the United States. Also a majority of Trump supporters were white people from southern parts of the United States who in the past have been known to be very prejudice towards other ethnicities, this goes to show that in the eyes of white people in order for America to be great, there must be a white male in charge of our country, and this supports my statement that in order to have power and authority in our nation you must be rich and white. Money is power, this is why the 1% crew is so powerful when it comes to making decisions with our nation and others. On the forbes list i mentioned earlier, most of the people in the top 10 were white, male, and worth almost a billion dollars. The reason I say that money is power is because before these people had their money they were just regular people like myself. They were in search for power so they went out and tried to find different ways to make as much money as possible. A great example of this is the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Bezos grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he went to Princeton University where he went on to get  a degree in science for electrical engineering and computer science. Early in his career he went on to work on Wall Street where he would learn the ropes of investment. In 1994 he would begin his business plan for what would become the largest online shopping website This process was mainly created in his garage, and after a few years of running his business Bezos sold shares of his company for $671 million, over time he would go on to repeat this process and in June 2016 Bezos had a market value of $83.9 billion. This goes to show that to get rich and gain power you have be smart, not only in school, but in the real world. Maybe a handful of the people on the forbes list were given this money through inheritance, but in the case of Jeff Bezos he went from being a normal guy with a good paying job to being a billionaire in a matter of a few years. This power has allowed him to have very strong and noticed opinions on very important and serious issues in our nation. Also it isn’t like Bezos is just keeping this money for himself, he donates millions to different foundations across the US to show his support for the things he believes are right. To be a “great american”in america today, you need to be rich or you need to be white. This is demonstrated by the 2 points i have explained in this essay and i strongly believe this statement i have made. But if you have both of these, then you very possibly could become a superpower in our nation. I believe that this is what it means to be an american in our nation today.

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