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What is that every girl desires to have? One out of ten will say great skin! Yes, a great looking skin is your passport to getting compliments galore, and also there is something about having a clear glowing skin, it boosts your mood, and you feel happier. On the other hand dull, ashen skin makes you feel woebegone. Don’t you wish you could set things right then? Make your skin shine with an innate glow?It is not so hard to get a glowing skin if you get your basics right. Yes, a good skin largely reflects on your lifestyle. If you are someone who likes to gorge on unhealthy foods and compromise on your snooze time, then we are afraid your skin will suffer. But if you make some changes to your lifestyle and follow these ridiculously simple tips, you will flaunt a radiantly beautiful skin.Types of SkinYou are born with good skin, but as you age your skin starts changing unfortunately for the worse. It becomes oilier, with pimples and acne marring your once clear complexion. Also, some people have exceptionally dry skin and no amount of creams and moisturizers is able to lend a glow to the ashen complexion. There is also a third type of skin that is the combination skin, which as the name signifies is part oily part dry. The t-zone that is the forehead, nose and chin area is usually oily and the cheeks are dry. You need to treat the skin according to the skin types. Also, a skin care routine is something which you need to follow for the rest of your life; yes there is lots of hard work behind a clear glowing complexion. You may have good skin today, but if you want your skin to stay just the way it is now, then a good deal of TLC( tender, loving, care) is what the good dermatologist will knowingly suggest you. Follow these simple steps and your skin will certainly thank you for it.Eating the right kinds of foods- when you want to lose weight, you need to focus more on your diet and when you want fabulous skin; it is your diet which should be cleaned up first and foremost! Clearly, there is no getting away from a clean diet. If you do a simple experiment on yourself, just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for a week and avoid processed foods. You will notice by the end of the week your skin will clear up, it will start glowing without that expensive jar of moisturizer you bought the other day at the fancy beauty store. The vitamins and mineral enriched diet is what makes your skin glow, and do not forget the omega 3 fatty acids, the fish, and nuts and seeds are largely responsible for giving you a clear and radiant skin. As anyone with good skin and they will swear by their diet. Clearly, they are doing something right and you need to follow that too.Drink more water- Now you cannot get away with drinking less water. The more water you drink the more toxins (which causes inflammation and blemishes) you will be able to eliminate from your body. The tip is so simple to follow, yet most of us ignore it. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water for its benefits to show on your skin and drink up even more if you live in warmer climes. Trust us this one tip works like magic! And if you are asking yourself how to get glowing skin naturally? Try and drink that extra glass of water and the mirror will tell you stories you will love to listen to!Catch up on sleep- Recent studies have substantiated the fact that sleep is necessary not only to lose weight but also to get great skin, as sleep deprivation leads to low circulation. You need to give your skin the rest it deserves as the cell renewal process happens when you sleep, that is why when you wake up after a snooze fest, your skin looks rejuvenated and fresh. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing.Beware of the sun- We get it that you want to up your vitamin D quotient, but then too much of the harsh sun won’t do your skin much good. In fact, you get more wrinkles that way. Don’t forget to slather on sunscreen with broad spectrum, it is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. You cannot slacken even during winter, the seemingly harmless looking sun, but can cause skin aging.Cleanse right- Clean your skin at least twice a day, find a good cleanser which is not too harsh, Splashing cold water twice a day can hydrate your skin. It also helps to close down the open pores which are extremely important. Find a mild face wash which will help to clean your face yet not strip off the essential oils from the skin.Exfoliate it right- Getting rid of dead skin cells regularly is important so that you get fresh looking great skin. You can use natural homemade scrubs to slough off the dead cells like Bengal gram powder, lentil powder, ground oatmeal and so on. It helps remove dead cells, dust, impurities and thus prevents blackheads and whiteheads from clogging your skin pores and making your skin smooth and flawless.Use a toner- Once you clean and exfoliate the skin you need to close down the pores and it helps in the PH balance of the skin. Toners usually contain anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and ceramides lending a fresh and youthful look to your skin.Use the right moisturizer- finding a good moisturizer can be a tough one, you can find the right one after you have rejected a whole lot of expensive creams promising great skin, but you may not be satisfied with the results. We think virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil works great. It is rich in vitamin E and works as a great anti-aging solution. The proteins help in cell renewal and tissue repair. The lauric acid in the oil has anti-microbial properties, and what’s more? It is completely preservative free, just what you need to nourish your skin with.Exercise-Have you ever noticed how your skin looks flushed and glowing right after a challenging workout, it imparts a rosy glow which gives an expensive blush fails to give. It accelerates oxygen flow at the cellular level. It neutralizes the oxidative stress and the free radicals thus giving it a youthful appearance. You sweat and you get rid of the accumulated toxins from the body.Eliminate stress from your life- Stress has a negative impact on your skin. You need to chase away those work-related or relationship related blues. Practicing pranayama or yoga are great ways to de-stress. Make sure you exercise regularly, the endorphins or feel good hormones give your skin a young and fresh look.Stock on your vitamin C- The secret to the ageless skin is the much-touted vitamin, vitamin C, which reduces age spots and makes your skin look flawless? It also pumps up collagen production, brightens your complexion to a great extent. So eat more fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C like oranges, guavas, broccoli, grapes, strawberries, sweet potato and so on.Don’t shower with hot water-Even if it is very enticing to take a hot shower in the winters but it strips off the essential oils from your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. So resist the temptation of washing your face with hot water. When it comes to your skin cold water is the best bet.How to make your skin glow? That’s the question that bothers us most and we go to great lengths to improve our skin quality. But rather than focusing on expensive skin treatments all we really have to do is follow these simple rules. These rules are easy to follow and inexpensive, so it does not cause a dent in your pockets. So what are you waiting for? Start caring for your skin right now, if you invest your time now, you will able to reap its benefits later.

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