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up guys it’s Jose zine you can end for today I’m gonna talk about the top five
pieces of jewelry every man should definitely be wearing and I’m also gonna
show you how to win because you see jewelry in general can definitely be
something scary for a man to tackle head-on but not anymore no no no no longer
Jose’s here today I’m gonna show you how to tackle the top five pieces of
jewelry how to wear them and how to look sexy doing so let’s hop into it number
ones that start with necklaces now necklaces and they’re it’s that one piece of
jewelry that can easily come across as too feminine if you do it wrong but make
a couple changes in your style and it’s a killer piece to use in your wardrobe
the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to make sure it’s a minimal piece
something that’s simple is the best way to go and usually looks killer and
Street style or street wear outfits when you pair it together and on the other
hand if they’re too thick and too gaudy just it just makes you look like a soundcloud
rapper trying to flex how much cash you have so remember thin and minimal also
keep in mind length preferably for guys I like it to be a little bit longer the
watch my first personal favorite necklace from rose gold and black is 24 inches
that to me is a sweet point eighteen inches it’s pretty good anything less than
that can’t start coming across as being more feminine so around 24 inches
pretty much the sweet point in length for a good street wear necklace number
two let’s talk about bracelets my personal rule you only want a maximum of two
bracelets and that’s pushing it per wrist anything more you’re crossing the
line into dangerous territory and I haven’t seen too many people actually been
able to rockness another little tip that I I always keep in mind since
bracelets will beat on your wrist it is gonna be a centerpiece of your outfits
and it’s something people are gonna see when you talk to them and stuff like
that so you want to make sure it coordinates with your watch in some sort of
aspect like matching metals or the same tones and color this is just gonna
create symmetry and your jewelry and avoid it to clash too much and look out of
place and then the third and final tip to make sure the jewelry looks masculine
on you is just that look for masculine jewelry your cuffs your beaded bracelets
your the leather bracelets all these are great designs and materials that are
used in and manly braces that’s why I love our sponsor rose gold and black
literally their whole range is designed minimally to keep that in mind so when
you wear a rose gold and black bracelet it doesn’t get confused for your
girlfriend’s bracelet or anything like that and looks manly and it looks stylish
I can tell you what’s a hundred percent certainty that literally anything you
buy from rose gold and black store is killer when I have an outfit and I need
that extra pizzazz extra next step I just add a certain accessories whether it
be a bracelet or a necklace something that will take me that extra step that’s
what you can do when you want to up your style another important aspect of
wearing jewelry is you don’t want just like clothes your jewelry to not fit you
right and that’s what rose gold and black really nailed it because actually
sell to you adjustable braces that actually work with your wrist so if you have
small wrist you can adjust it and make it tighter if you have bigger wrist you
can adjust it and make it bigger so when you’re shopping online you don’t have
to be worried to know about if something’s gonna fit or not with rolling black
you can be pretty safe if you guys want to check out rose gold in black I’m
going to have them link below that link is our private page just for us guys
where you can buy shop the rose gold and black stuff at a discounted price just
because you’re a viewer just because you’re part of the family how cool is that
so if you guys like any of these braces you’ve seen or the necklaces from the
previous tip check out that link below the third accessory is a watch this is a
must I don’t think this one’s up for discussion and then it’s up to you whether
it’s a smart watch or a regular watch but at the end of the day I feel a watch
is almost like a status symbol a message to the world kind of like I’m a man
that’s punctual that takes time series my time is valuable and I see it as a
status symbol because literally every time you wear a watch it just makes you
look expensive and rich like like you spent a lot on your outfit you put a lot
of effort in your outfit every time you put a watch on and that’s even if you
only spend a hundred dollars because guess what the average guy doesn’t even do
that much if you’re just starting out to wear jewelry you don’t know where to start
or don’t feel comfortable enough start with the watch next up for number four
we have the ring just like necklaces rings can easily come across as feminine
if you do it wrong personally I I would limit it to one forehand no more than
that and a hundred percent avoid any any thumb rings so a good example could be
you can have a wedding ring and a signet ring or your wedding ring and your
graduation ring or just any type of fashion ring you like just for aesthetic
purposes anything more than that it’s pushing it you’re getting into dangerous
territory and like I said it’s that one piece that it’s hard to pull off and
finally the fifth piece of jewelry man should definitely be wearing is the tie
bar but this one this one in particular is more soft for formal wear so you’re
not going to be wearing this every single day you’re only gonna wear this when
you dress up so you have a presentation your graduation a wedding whatever it
is where you have to dress up and wear a tie wear a tie bar it’s a it’s a great
add-on that again takes you that extra step that most people won’t be doing since
you’re younger wear something more modern you can even wear a tie bar that’s
colorful something that’s simple that doesn’t have a lot of design and that
definitely is smaller it’s not a huge one once you get the right one that’s
perfect because it helps keep your tie streamline in place keeping you meet and
sharp all day which is exactly what you want when you’re doing formal right and
that’s basically it for me in today’s video guys those top five pieces of
jewelry men should definitely be wearing if you guys liked this video and found
it informative don’t forget to drop us a like down below that’s it for me today
see you next time  

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