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When and where did the scientist live?John DaltonHe was born on September 6, 1766, He lived in Eaglesfield, Cumbria, United KingdomJ. J. ThomsonHe was born on December 18, 1856, He lived in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, United KingdomErnest RutherfordHe was born on August 30, 1871, He lived in Brightwater, New ZealandNiels Bohr He was born on October 7, 1885, He lived in Copenhagen, DenmarkWhat was believed at the time the scientist lived, before the scientist made their discovery?John DaltonBefore Dalton’s discovery, it was Democritus that first suggested the existence of the atom but it took almost two millennia before the atom was placed on a solid foothold as a fundamental chemical object by John DaltonJ. J. Thomson People believed that atoms cannot be broken down to something smaller Ernest RutherfordPeople believed J.J Thomson’s theory of how the atomic structure looks like a plum puddingNiels BohrIn 1911 People believed Ernest Rutherford’s experiment which had evidence to show that an atom must contain a central nucleusWhat idea did the scientist put forth that changed how we view the atom?John DaltonHis idea was that All matter is made of atomsAtoms cannot be broken down into anything simplerAll the atoms of a particular element are identical to each other and different from the atoms of other elementJ. J. ThomsonHe theorized that the atom is composed of electrons surrounded by a soup of positive charge to balance the electrons’ negative charges, like negatively charged “plums” surrounded by positively charged “pudding”He also discovered the electron in 1897. This showed that the atom contained smaller pieces, whereas Dalton had thought that atoms could not be broken down into anything simpler.Ernest RutherfordHe used experimental evidence to show that an atom must contain a central nucleus. This was further evidence that an atom contained smaller pieces.Rutherford also did an experiment where he shot a beam of alpha particles onto a gold foil and noticed that a few of the particles were deflectedNiels BohrHe further developed Ernest Rutherford’s nuclear atom modelHe used experimental evidence to support the idea that electrons occupy particular orbits or shells around the nucleus of an atom.What did the scientist base his theory on?John DaltonHe based his theory on that : Matter is made up of atoms that are indivisible and indestructible.Atoms of different elements have different weights and different chemical properties.Atoms of different elements combine in simple whole numbers to form compounds.Atoms cannot be created or destroyed. When a compound decomposes, the atoms are recovered unchanged.J. J. ThomsonHe based his theory on cathode ray he was experimenting that cathode rays were negatively charged

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