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When communicating face to face it is all about body language you express the tone of the situation with body language and the tone of you voice, so this includes the volume of your voice and the emotion you used to describe what you’re trying to say. Putting emphasis on a word can draw the audience’s attention, or if you’re trying to describe something which is quite sensitive you will soften the tone of your voice, if you were to use an aggressive tone when communicating about something sensitive this can lead into giving the wrong impression and information. Body language can be vital when trying to make an impression on people and example of this would be eye contact, facial expression composure and gestures, if you were to try and leave a impact on someone, maybe how they could help a charity you would conduct yourself in a calm manner using a peaceful tone of voice and try to gage eye contact with every person in the room to make them feel sympathy for the charity youre talking about.In a way the appropriate body language and tone can be very persuasive however if it is used incorrectly and you were to give an aggressive speech to convince people to give to a charity they more than likely won’t because you’re not setting the correct tone and you may not come across as approachable so this is why it is important to use the appropriate use of body language and tone when communicating verbally

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