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When your voice is
not enough to express your inner thoughts and feelings, writing is another way
of expressing, more specifically creative writing. We all know that writing is
a medium of communication for us humans to understand each other.  Nevertheless, creative writing is the best way
to interact to other people freely and spontaneously rather than the old way of
writing. Creative writing lets us express ourselves more by using techniques
such as figures of speech‚ our senses‚ and a lot more to cover up meanings and
emotions especially in poetry. It also lets the reader use their cognitive
skills to see our perspective that is hidden through words and symbolisms. It
is also a type of writing that goes beyond the professional and academic
boundaries of writing.

This form of writing can
also be compared to an artist who freely does his or her artwork that allows their
inner self to manifest true emotions without limiting their vocabulary but
still comprehensible by the ones who are going to read it. It also makes your
work catch the attention of other people and to open their eyes and minds so
that they can use their imagination and enhance their visualization skills, same
goes to the writer as well. It is an essential for poets‚ authors, or even a
student to let words give color to the stories that they want to tell. Though
creative writing is not that easy to master, it will be really useful and
favorable eventually. People have various ways in communicating and connecting with
each other. In my opinion, this type of writing will exist as long as humans
live in this planet. This will always be the best way of expressing yourself to
other people.

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At the end of the day‚
we still have our own choices to make and own ways to express ourselves. As I the
saying goes from Robin Williams‚ “No
matter what people tell you‚ words and ideas can change the world.”

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