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Whether I turn out to be the hero, or I continue to live in this old place, I can not know.  This is my place. This is where the floorboards creak loudly when I step on them. Where the dirt rises into the damp air, and the sun blazes in through the boards nailed to the window. The loud screeching sound of a person shouting in the distance symbolizes the beginning of a new day. One where you never know if you will live to see the next. I rummage through my dusty shelves, choking on the grime floating through the air. Somewhere kings and queens are eating gourmet meals, leaving me with nothing. Nothing at all. People in my town know what it is like to have to skip a meal. Or to have to manage a whole day with nothing but a cup of warm water. But we have gotten used to it. Used to seeing people die of hunger. Used to never seeing someone again. To us, this is normal.As I open my door, a rush of icy wind almost knocks me over. I have to fight it to get out of my door, but when I finally do, I’m at a loss for words. As I look around, I have to shield my eyes. I see at least ten people. Some are close friends, and others are good people that trade and help harvest my crops. But they are lying dead on the streets. All of them dead of hunger, or maybe they just couldn’t bear living like this one more day. I stop to wonder if the kings and queens really know what is going on down here. Peasants can’t harvest, for the ground is frozen and wet, and there are no more fish left in the lake. I wonder, are the kings and queens just watching from above? Watching us suffer, while they are up there with their fancy clothes, eating wild boar and drinking warm tea. It is then that I decide that I must do something about it. As I step through my door into the damp air, I divert my attention upward, for I know what lies at my feet. I know that I can not bear to have to see another friend on the streets. I hold my head high as I walk. Paying attention only to the sound of my steps. Right. Left. Right. Left. The dry dirt crumbles under my feet. I start to feel as though if I do not walk fast enough, then the earth will begin to give in and fall underneath me. I look around and begin to consider that maybe that wouldn’t be terrible if that did happen. But I continue to move forward. Not yet knowing what lies ahead. The world is spinning in front of me. The brightness of the evening makes me think of a time when it wasn’t like this. I try to divert my mind to a new place, a happy place. I think of a time. A long time ago, when dandelions grew and the ground was soft. I remember the long nights in the fields and the early morning sunsets. When food would be sprawled across everyone’s table and we would all join in song. But I am suddenly brought back when I hear a loud, familiar cry. The world around me comes back into focus, making it nearly impossible to remember the good times once again. As I continue to walk, I see even more hungry, helpless people. The anger rises up inside of me. I know that this is the king and queen’s fault, and I have to stop this. I walk up to an old man with a sorrowful face. He looks quite familiar, yet I can not quite distinguish exactly who he is. As we talk, I get the impression that he wants to fight back, but doesn’t really know how. I feel my blood begin to boil because I now know that I am not the only one who agrees that something has to change. In no time at all, we have a plan. One that will hopefully put a stop to this once and for all. As we walk along the graveled road, people join us from all around. We all decide that we will do whatever it takes to get back our lives. Most people join, but some are just too afraid to go against the king and queen. They stay hidden, afraid that something might happen to them if they go. But that is what I want. I want something to happen. As we walk, we get more and more upset. For the farther we walk, the more people we see. They are broken and tired. But even the weakest gather up enough strength to join us.                                                                                                                                                             On the way, we gather all the swords, shields, clubs, and stones we can get our hands on. Then we continue to walk. In the distance, we see the houses of the knights and nobles. We meet a soldier as we reach their quarters. Without thinking, I draw my sword and yell, “We will get what we deserve!” This draws the attention of many people nearby. Some people come over to join us, but most of them join the knights. More and more people gather around. I start to get overwhelmed. There must be over 100 people standing opposite of me, plated in armor and swords. But we continue to stand strong.The others, along with me pull their swords from their sheaths and position them in the air. The sun glistens off of the shiny metal. It’s almost as if it is a picture. It is still and quiet. Only the sounds of a person’s breath can be heard through the blustery winds. Then suddenly, a rupture of bright light breaks through the endless black sky, illuminating the sky overhead. It is followed by a cannon which symbolizes the beginning of the battle. With our swords raised high, we begin to run. The cold wind whips at our faces as we begin to gain speed. Eventually, there is no more hesitation. The feeling is as though nothing can stop you. It’s as though no one else is there. When I look up, we are nearly ten feet away from the knights. Just then, the battle truly begins. The chiming sound of metal on metal fills up the sky. Our icy hand’s grip at the cold swords. It is nearly impossible to see what is going on, or who is winning. Nothing can be seen through the red mask covering my face. The blood is dripping down, piling into my mouth. The metallic taste is almost enough to make you give up. I wipe off my mouth and look up. Suddenly I see the outline of a person. I run up to them, sword in hand to fight. All I can think is how much I need to survive. Because if I die, I won’t be able to see us finally gain victory. I won’t be able to see the king and queen suffer, while we thrive. My thoughts are soon interrupted by a searing pain. A sword comes out of nowhere slicing the back of my knee. A screeching sound flows out of my mouth. The pain overpowers me as I begin to give up. I roll over to my side and begin to realize what I have gotten myself into. At least fifty men and women are laying on the ground. Unable to take it all in, I slowly close my eyes. Just then, the impossible happens. I feel a drop of water slide down the front of my face. Rain. Finally, after weeks and weeks of no rain, the drought is finally over. It starts with a drop, then it begins to pour. Water flows uncontrollably from the sky. Forgetting about the pain in my leg, I begin to rise up from the ground. I see at least ten more people do the same. It’s a miracle.We get up and fight. For our lives, and the lives of many others who depend on us. The knights shout something indistinguishable. As they do, knights from all around begin to retreat back to their fortress’. The battle is over. Hollers and whistles echo from all around. We have won this battle but we still have to fight another. Now, we must go straight for the king and queen. Now, they are the only thing between us and victory. As I look around me, I know my fate has been sealed. I stare off into the horizon and see the king and queen’s castle. I look towards my destiny, for now, I have nothing to lose.

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