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Whether it’s going to school or going to work, writing a paper is something everybody has to do for the rest of their lives. Many people do not like to write because of insecurities, frustration, incorrect answers, fear of failure, and boredom . Though people have different ways of writing their essays, my writing process can be done in five steps given that my writing process is organized. My writing process steps are researching, brainstorming, writing a rough draft, writing the final essay, and finally revising and editing.
The first step in my writing process is to research and gather information about my topic. Then I will start to brainstorm and write down some ideas about the topic. Next, I will start a rough draft which will act as a blueprint for my final essay. Then, I will begin to write the final essay and make sure that my final essay is two or more pages long. The final process of my essay is to revise and edit the paper for any errors I might have.
I begin my writing process by gathering thoughts on what the topic will be about. For this i will brainstorm and gather information to get an insight on the subject.

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