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Who would have known that fighting, violence and gangs can be a major problem among primary or high schools students nowadays . The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention defines these as “unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.” It is a hot topic and you know children nowadays proudly killed other children . Fighting and violence are continued harassment though acts of domination towards another person, either through physical or emotional abuse . It also could cause a life-long issues and suffer through the abuse because he is ashamed or he does not believe that changes will happen if he tells so he will end up fearful of others and may be unable to cope socially. He also may become withdrawn and suffer a drop in his performance  . Violence can be includes in bullying and seemingly inconsequential behaviours that can make the other teens feeling unsafe at school. School violence is a dangerous issue because it can be quite difficult to highlight exactly what causes it to happen . The main cause of school violence is a combination of weak community relations and a lack of a firm hand within both schools and communities. To effectively deal with the issue, both of these need addressing . Did you realise that the number of this problem keep on rising and rising ? Yes ! Various studies about school violence and fighting were issued in the late 1990s examined past trends and tried to predict patterns for the future . A Survey shows that from many children bring weapons to school to how many children are injured in fights, are afraid to go to school and are subject to disciplinary actions . Fighting, violence and gangs cause many problems, not only for the victims but also for those troublesome students. It is also a growing concern in Malaysia school and should be taken seriously so the teachers, administrators and parents should work together in order to solve this problem as soon as possible . Mattie J.T Stepanek once said that “unity is the strength when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” and it is a brilliant step for the teachers, administrators and parents to work as a team to stop this problem from keep on rising .  However, there is a sobering realization to all of us that fighting , violence and gangs will never stop and will keep on going if there is no severe punishment would be taken to those problematic students. School is supposed to be a safe place where youth can go and learn the variety of subjects like mathematic , science and other subjects without thinking whether they are safe or not, feeling daunt or being vexed by the others . This problem is clearly a deliberate and repeated infliction of harm on another person . It takes into account of one child fighting or violence each other,  gangs of children against a single child or gangs against other gangs. Fighting is a troublesome behaviour reported by a local school with almost 500 fights happened in the school and about 100 of those fights got reported to police and 150 caused injuries. According to UrbanMinistry, every city that has a population with over 250,00 people reported that 59 percent of them are the people who are stuck in fighting and violence. The reason for this problem can be seen in the childhoods of the environment committing the crime . It also could happen when the father who are abusive toward their wife will also end up abusing their children as well. Teens who is  grown up in a violent home are often much more violent than teens who have not . Usually, teens from a bad home life or have psychological problems will turn violence to solve their problem with peers as well as with their families. This behaviour also is specifically meant to cause emotional or physical harm to the victim and may lead to various drastic consequences that may greatly affect a victims’ life. It is insidious and it is hurtful for the victims but those gangs will never know how hurt the victims feel until they feel it by themselves. Well who knows, karma is always there and ready to hit you anytime right ?  This will leave a great impact in their life and maybe will lost their confident in doing or presenting in public. Fighting or violence can have an effect on ones’ learning and it will make them more difficult to survive with their academic and curriculum activities. For example, the victims will not able to concentrate to the learning process as they will be thinking about it over and over again. Once this problem has developed, it will become more entrenched because the students will continue to be in contact among them over time and it not that piece of cake for the target to walk away or leave the situation just like that. This problem happens every day in classrooms, in bathrooms and hallways, on playgrounds and in the neighbourhoods of all communities. It also might take someone’s life as the perpetrators will do it wholeheartedly and without knowing the victim could not take it anymore. These problematic students take this opportunity to show the other students that they are powerful and most important is they come in gangs . Gang culture in school is not a new thing . It have been a major part of the urban culture a long time ago . The statistical figure was brought out by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin during the Parliamentary session on June 9, 2010 portrays the number of students who involved with gangsterism. From the figure , it stated that the number of students nearly doubled since 2005 . It begins with 32 cases recorded and the numbers reach its high peak on 2008 with the value of 81 . Although, the number had slightly decreased to 60 cases in 2009 but the number still considered high compared to the earlier cases recorded in 2005. They are hard to handle and we all have been there. The playground, where the gang grabs another’s hair and yanks his backwards off the swing . At the canteen, where the gang smacks down or take a smaller boy’s food or even in classroom, where they repeatedly taunt the slow learner students in the class for being stupid and many more  but to be accepted in the gang, teens often have to commit some sort of crime or go through a hazing. Hazing often happened in high school and colleges . These teenagers are not bothered about their studies and it is evident that they are involved in gangsterism . So, who should be blamed for gangsterism? Do we have to put the blame on the parents, teachers or anyone else ? I strongly believe that the one that should be blamed for gangsterism among teenagers is the individual himself or in the other word is ourselves. We are the ones to be blamed for gangsterism because we are the ones who decide on how we want to live our life. We are responsible to manage ourselves . If we discipline ourselves towards the positive behavior, then we will behave well . We are the one to choose how we manage our life. In any decision or action that we made, we have to take full responsibilities of whatever the consequences that we will have to face due to the decision making . For example, if a friend offer us a drug and if we have a firm standpoint, then we’ll kindly say no to the friend . Some of the gang members join in the gangs because they do not have a good home life and feel unaccepted or maybe they wanted to have their own “family” with the other members . Some of them also join the gangs due to peer pressure . These gang activity and violence is something that can be not that easy to stop or no turning back once you join in the gang .  These gangs will start causing trouble as a group but there is a saying that goes the bravest people are the most scared people and most of these gangs are actually coward but when they are together they think they are the greatest gang in school . These gangs surely will not pick a fight with a wrong person and its crystal clear they only pick a fight with those who are weak and tease them for their deficiency or if they are deviant . Sometimes, these gangs also get into fight with the other gangs. Why ? Who would have knew but we could predict that they did that for something that seems worth it to them . Maybe to show their pride for their own gang even though I bet they do not even know what they are fighting for or maybe they want the other students respect them when they win the fight with the other gangs . They will do anything in order to make everyone respect them and be the highlight or a hot topic to the girls’ gossip . As we all know, once the gossip started , they will never stop spreading around. One said that, “words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles”. By this way they will surely be the talk of the students in town and in a snap of fingers they are now famous . Yes , just like that and that’s what these students nowadays really want actually. It is now become a trend for those students to do something that other could not do in order for them to get famous and these gangs will surely do anything to mark up their gangs name in the list of fame. Well if you notice, this is one of the reasons why fighting and violence problems among the students in school are keep on rising and students are increasingly terrorize to whom they want to . Adults time after time unable to detect this problem as a serious problem just because they survived this phase of life in school when they were growing up so they assumed that the students nowadays also would able to go through with this matter easily . They should bear in their mind that those time students were not that violent compared to students nowadays who are willing to kill or hurt the others doesn’t matter who that person is. They can be their teachers, friends, siblings, or even their own parents . They will do anything to anyone in order to get things that they want and satisfy their desire . Do not force your kids to be in the same shoes with you as they may not have the same ability with you . Most of these gangs are typically 90 percent male and they share certain characteristics. Gangs members usually shows their membership through the styles of their dressing or specific activities and patterns of behavior. In addition, these gangs also vandalize in their neighborhood like marking out their symbol that symbolize their gang on the wall to show that there is their territory. For sure all of us already saw one in our life right ?

All of those three problems bring a lot of problems in the society especially in school area where they could easily violently pick up a fight with their gang with another students in the same school or students from the other school . The problems of fighting violence and gangs on students are significant . Students that are exposed to violence suffer both physically and psychologically . For the school violence, the worst case scenario of school is death . For the psychological impact is not as easily seen . It leave a deep emotional scars that can develop to anxiety-related illnesses, depressive disorder and some may even consider or commit suicide. There is no clear cut reason or cause for these problems. However, there are some problem arise among the students and the victims. To begin with, a victim to fighting or violence , in the short term, may feel depressed, sad, remorse, anxious, angry and sometimes may lead to excessive stress, feel helpless, thought that their life is fallen apart and did not performed well in their academic . These negative feelings can intensify over time and last long into adulthood except if they went to a therapy or take medications if needed . This bad experience can cause the individual to withdraw from social contact with the others as they lose confidence to manage the relationships and it is not easy for them to be friend with someone new as they are traumatized . The worst scenario that could potentially happened is suicide . They did this because they feel like they are in a situations that have no solution . They could not see other way but death . Meanwhile, some of them commit suicide because they are trying to escape the feeling of pain and victimization . In some cases, the victims  can become deeply ingrained and can explode in outbursts whenever the person feel threatened . Other than that, the victim also might suffer a poor health condition as they lost their appetite to eat when they think too much about the problem . It may be not that serious but it is better for us to prevent the poor health rather than curing because once you suffer it may not be that easy for you to be healthy again .  Once in Malaysia, the nation was rocked  with the most terrible incident that ever happen is when a gang of boys started a blaze using a cooking gas and petrol at the tahfiz school . Surprisingly, the five members of the gang were aged 12 and 18 . Yes they are all under aged but they purposefully plan this revenge just because they had disagreement with some of the school students . 23 people were found dead in the fire and the others able to slip off from the building by jumping out from it . The five suspects were so violent and brutal since they were willing to kill someone just because of misunderstood . This effect of violent is not limited to the victim themselves but it also could effect the other pupils who seen the act . The other pupils will might be the victim’s classmate, friend, peers and others . These witnesses will also experience a negative effects similar to the victim . For the long term effect, the victim will be insecure and will be not trusting other people . Some might be develop a mental illness when they always think about what had happened toward themselves . Fighting and violence will also effect the country education quality and society as the pupils will be afraid to go to school since these cases are unstoppable act from the gang . The serious outcome from the pupils are missing classes, continuously absent or even drop out from the school completely . If these problem keep on going without being control by the administrators, there will be a great impact on the quality of education and employment . For the gang, they will face a bad side effect in their life . For example, they may be having a dark future and their future might be threatened because of their behavior . Some of the most probably be arrested because of creating a chaotic scene to the surrounding . This is also will affect their life as they unable to perform their study in higher level and might spending their time in rehabilitation center or maybe in juvenile school . They also might be a killer and some of them also will fight among each other without any doubt in order to show how strong and powerful they are . This is very dangerous to our society since they will kill or hurt anyone just because to show their power or to get something they want . At the same point in time, the parents’ gang will receive the bad treatment as the result of their children behaviors .  Those poor parents might be insulted or be the subject of hatred from the neighborhood . For example, if there was a robbery happen in the neighborhood, for sure the parents will be blame for what their children had done and in the others’ eyes they were the one who should responsible toward the robbery .

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            There is no doubt that fighting , violence and gangs bring a lot of trouble in everybody’s life including the troublesome children itself . It should not simply be ignore any longer as the negative impacts it could generate to everybody especially to the victim , school as well as to the country and education reputation . No one can ensure how could we can stop fighting, violence and gangs at school, but prevention can make a difference. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure . The solution for preventing these three problems are numerous. However, we should concentrate on reducing family-school-community risk factors because these factors are the root. These problem prevention starts in the home . Are we all agree that parents play an important role in solving these problems ? I believe it does and to convince all of you with my statement, I will list out some of the reasons that I had discover from reading the articles and journal . Firstly, parents should play a part in helping their children choosing the right friends . Parents should always keep an eye on who their children’s friends really are . It is better if the parents could get close to their children’s friends because by then you will know who they really are . This is due to the fact that friends is an important role in molding your children’s’ attitude . Some friends can guide you to the right path and better future but some of them can make your future dark and harm yourself . It is better for all of us to know that person well before making him or her our friend so we will never slip in the dark side with them . Parents also have a key role to play in ensuring the right atmosphere at home where the children should be treated properly and violent-free . Adult should bear in mind that teenagers are easily able to adopt behavioral from what they saw in their household . A good communication between parents and children can help to reduce perceived pressures which can cause children to act violently . Parents should always spent their time with the children and asks them how was their day or maybe help them to find a way for their problems because a good relationship starts with a good communication . Those parents do not spend time with their children enough due to busy work and each member’s life so they cannot fulfil upbringing their children in the right way. This will cause children to form the mind-sets that they can do anything without punished or reprimanded . A spoil children sometimes are so rude with the elders or even their own parents . A proper monitoring of video games and television programs also a good step to avoid the children from being exposed to the extreme action from the media . They have the urge to learn something new and want to try it . Influence by media should be taken into consideration and should have limits in publishing these dangerous actions .  Children may not know it is only an acting and they might do the same things the actors or players did in the media . Things like this should be banned for underage so they will not do the dangerous things from what they had watch or we can reduce violence by letting the competent authorities to tighten the content, and reshaping unsuitable social media . Next is school .  School also is an important liaison in solving the fighting , violence and gangs problems . School should be a safe place to the students . In order to make sure school is a safe place, school should be properly guarded so any possible threats or violence will be detect easily . They should also be up to date with security to ensure the students will be searched of any kind of weapon like knife or fire cracker before entering the school . We all know that teenagers spend most of their time in school , if the school counselors able to play their role correctly like an instructor or facilitator to the students, they could organize and give some proper and suitable programmes or talks about gangsterism , violence and fighting so the students will have a deeper knowledge and views on negative side effects by doing those activities . By organizing outdoor activities, students will communicate and try to make friends to others . By organizing these beneficial programmes it wil be atherapy for the students to relax their mind and when they have a relax mind, they can think reasonably before takinh any actions . The programmes that could be held are study group , or a heart to heart vent session so they could tell all the things that always disturb their mind and life .  They also will be more aware that those activities are one of the steps to an unsuccessful suffer life once they were expelled from the school or when they get into the trouble with the gangs . The counselors must keep in touch with the students who are have disciplinary problems because they might be joining in the gangsterism so counselors always need to be aware about the students’ activities and guide them when needed . In other words, school counselors have a big role and carry responsibility in shaping the students life in school . All the teachers and staffs also need to be educate on how to solve those problems when they saw the incident . It is an important steps because they will know what to do and interfere when the students doing it . Teachers should not only teach but also support the students to do the right and beneficial things . Most of us always avoid enforcement by the authorities . Same to the teenagers or the gangs . Nowadays, they seem not afraid of what they are going to do . So , if the authorities take a strict enforcement towards the gangs and teenagers, they will think twice and afraid to do it as they might be caught and punish by the authorities . In addition, mass media always influenced people especially teenagers but media also can help to solve fighting , violence and gangs problems by publishing advertisements on how bad of gangsterism activities could be . I am very sure once they watch it, they will keep a distance from those activities and in short, media is also an important order to solve the crucial problem among the teenagers . 

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