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“Whoever controls the media controls the mind” as said by Jim Morrison. The power of digital communication fascinates me with its ability to capture and shape the minds of many by engulfing society into another dimension, known to us as the media. Media is the modern day’s universal language which unites us by using its immense power and strong influence to convey new ideas, attitudes and beliefs.  My passion for media is a flame, sparked by studying the theories suggested within different narratives and the psychological elements that impact our everyday lives. For example health campaigns such as the ‘Quit Smoking’ advert by the NHS will have reached out to many,  delivering a strong message to try and combat something that is biologically addictive. I have enjoyed studying A-level media, in particular the topic of how much control the media has through regulation and how it creates an ‘illusion of choice’ when it comes to what we want to see.  With the revolution of social media, it has created new ways for information to reach us. Often being a passive audience, we do not think to question the information we are given. I have expanded my knowledge on media technologies while was involved in a programme that was broadcast from the Addenbrookes hospital radio station. I discovered the importance of technology when making the shows. After spending some time with a local magazine company, I improved my writing skills and learnt how to commit to deadline pressures; I constructed my own magazine articles which were later published. Having studied psychology for two years I have found that the media is capable of altering the mindset of an individual by ‘priming’ the network of nodes on a particular subject, especially amongst impressionable minds of younger people. I recognised a link between the impact of the media and the development of children as seen within the Cognitive theory. By studying biology at A level, it has given me the transferable skills of logical thinking and being able to take a scientific approach to issues within the media.After being an active member on the sixth form school committee, I know how important it is to work within a team to help make a change. I was part of the medical society in which we spoke about controversial current affairs then debated using our own opinions. This not only gave me a broader insight into the effects of the media but it also improved my speaking and listening skills as I learnt to consider the views of others. I have completed my grade 3 on flute and had the opportunity to represent the school performing with the orchestra. I recognise the importance of dedication and commitment after owning horses for many years and being a part of the East Essex Hunt pony club, where I competed in local shows around my area. I have good time management and organisation after being involved in many drama and dance productions, working as part of a team and making sure I attended scheduled rehearsals on time. I have also won numerous medals for dancing and cheerleading having competed nationally as a squad, highlighting the importance of ‘team spirit’.I am well-mannered and confident when communicating with the public after working as a waitress for 3 years. I am an administrator on the social media sites for a local coffee shop and have helped market and advertise new products within the store.I have praticed working in a busy atmosphere, after spending a week at my local veterinary surgery, not only watching surgeries but also being at reception, sending updates and communicating with customers. I look forward to furthering my education and knowledge on this seemingly limitless subject.

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