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Why is there an uprising between science and religion? In C. 1660 there had been new scientific instruments introduced and the thought of how life was created was questioned. This topic has been debated on for many centuries and wondered about today as well. Arguments about if the evolution should also be taught in school had happened because of outbreaks among students. Causing religion and science to be questioned. Was it God himself who created the world that we are living in or was it created from the understanding of science?There’s been evidence that support the thought of evolution which angered the anti-evolutionists who were against the scientific thought of life. There was evidence found from genetics, DNA, amino acids, and fossils. Evidence from c.1900, when the laws of heredity from Mendel had been found and started new discoveries including genetics. In 1953, the double-helix structure of DNA was found and made it possible to understand of what and how genes work. During the same year, the creation of amino acids happened because of Stanley Miller and because of it there was a thought of that life on Earth could have been caused by natural processes. Later new technology, made arranging DNA easily and cheap. This led scientists in 1990, to gain a greater understanding of some organisms and how their DNA has evolved and developed. During the year 2001, the first draft of the sequence of the human genome was done and scientists started to realize of how related the human species actually was to other organisms through genes. In the area of genomics, scientists gained new tools and could work with understanding more how humans and other animals evolved over billions of years.Given evidence from fossils of the evolution like “Lucy” helped to support evolution as well. Lucy was a 4 million year old fossil. Lucy was an ancient human ancestor found by Donald Jonason in 1974. Lucy’s discovery didn’t please the anti-evolutionists and caused a debate that made it into the news. in 1925, a man named Raymond Dart found “man-like ape” in a limestone quarry in South Africa. Its body was a mix of ancient baboon, and Dart thought the “man-like ape” had killed a baboon and ate it. This caused the thought of humans developing through hunting, and caused disturbance for the anti-evolutionists. A lot of uproar happened over the teaching of the human evolution which made headlines around the world and battles had been brought to court because of the scientific discoveries made. All of those discoveries affected the thought of God creating life. The most important events in the life of biology was discovered then as they provided support for the evolutionists. It is because of these events and evidence that created fear for some people that caused there to be an uprising between science and religion.

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