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With the histrionic advance in the technological world, it would be difficult to play down the significance of Computer Science in the business and technological world today. After working in industry for 3+ years, I have realized the need to pursue further education in Computer Science and Engineering at the University Of Texas Dallas in order to realize my career objectives. I am a keen enthusiast of your research centres and facilities, which I consider to be critical in attaining greater academic excellence.

                                                            I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and attained first class honors (73.5%).Armed with the above academic background, I am confident that I have the needed abilities and knowledge to meet the demands of studying at the University Of Texas Dallas. I am exposed to various programming language and concepts such as C, Data Structures, Java, Algorithms, Linux, C++, Programming paradigms (OOP), Database management and key concepts of International Business.

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                                                                    I have professional experience of 3+ years. I have worked with Cognizant and Value Labs. During my tenure in Cognizant I got a chance to work with Warner Bros LexisNexis. I got hands-and exposure to many technologies such as Oracle, XML, XPath, jQuery, Html, NoSQL Databases Object-Oriented Programming and Design as well as Web Technologies (spring, Servlet), ORM Hibernate and Web Services (SOAP and REST). I have been assigned to Lexis Nexis Client. I started working on new technologies such as NoSQL, XML, and XPath. I have developed 3 automation tools for reducing the manual work in the team. I have been awarded the best contributor for automation tool development.

                 My next assignment was with Warner Bros. I was involved in refactoring to one of the complex applications of Warner bros to the new platform (Mark Logic). It was developed on SAP MDM platform and Mark logic as database. It has to be refactored completely for Mark Logic platform. As a junior member in the team, the challenging part was to understand the existing system and implement the functionalities for new system. I have undergone training and discussion with stakeholders for a better understanding of the system. After months of with discussion with the client, we developed and change the core logic of the application and successfully delivered to the client .The client appreciated our effort and we bagged best project in our location (Hyderabad).This appreciated has convinced myself to pursue skills necessary for developing complex applications

                After working in Cognizant for 2.7 years, I moved to Value Labs. My current role in Value Labs requires technical as well as business knowledge. I have started gaining key insight into business concepts. To accomplish this, I have started undergone training in various business improvement strategies on Software Development Methodologies such Agile, Coding Standards. We have adopted Scrum (Agile) methodology for software development. The Agile methodology is widely adopted across the industry. I am part of the team, which is currently involved in providing the solution for performance issue for client product. We have applied the latest concepts in Java to solve performance issues. This has resulted in improvement in performance and improve productivity.

                        I am an avid and passionate viewer of cricket. This is one of my hobbies. I am an avid reader of tech inventions to stay abreast of the latest trends. The latest tech innovations motivate me to pursue skills required for contributing fresh ideas and transforming those ideas into creating sophisticated products and applications.

The Master in Computer Science and Engineering program will equip me the direction, skills and ingenious energy to work on the forefront of technology in today’s hi-tech world. I also intend to work in private enterprise to equip myself with the necessary expertise. My long-standing goals include becoming an expert in IT, applying my knowledge and skills. To this end, I will be perfectly equipped to find my niche in the business and technological world. As a result, I intend to contribute extensively to the human society by enhancing the attribute of life and living standards. This program will make it possible for me to realize the objectives I have set for myself.  I also look forward to having a prolonged career in this field and assist a wide range of business firms to realize their dreams and remain competitive in the business world.

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