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With the recent holidays concluding we all know, if we didnt already, the newest member of our digital family, Alexa. Over the holiday season Amazon’s best selling product, the echo dot, hit the ground running selling “tens of millions” of devices. The days of typing our curiosities into a box are coming to an end, and its about time. Don’t get me wrong, voice still needs a lot of work but it’s come a long way in a very short amount of time. For marketers this new disruptive technology is going to get you in the door, literally you will be in the consumers living room. A few years ago this may have seemed creepy (it’s still kind of weird), but Amazon plans to work around this by offering marketing materials and advertisements as “suggestions.” These suggestions, from early reports, will sound similar to this: “Alexa order me a new set of coffee mugs”….. “Sure will do, did you want me to order them from Target, you purchased the last set of coffee mugs from their store?” These simple suggestions are not going to be in your face, which will ease consumers into this new style of marketing, and that’s Amazon’s primary goal. Moving into 2018, the fields of marketing and advertising are going to have to find creative way outside of voice, as well as within, to garner brand affinity. Personal algorithms (designed to capture your activity online and offline) are going to be the most sought after information on the planet in the next decade, and brands will be going to war in order to become the next “suggestion.” Navigating the ever evolving fields of marketing and advertising can often seem like an uphill battle, and most of the time it is, especially with new technologies (Alexa) popping up everyday. Our team at NX3 understands the daunting task that is marketing, and we are here to help guide you in the right direction. Visit our website to see how we can implement these new technologies together. 

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