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With the increase usage of technology across the globe, media can be spread allowing people to have more awareness of the world around them and all these can happen within seconds. Many people have trusted the media they used to give them news, entertainment and education. But many do not know that there are a lot of media that control the information flow. This means the power is assigned to the media owner, who has the power to gate-keep the flow of information. Which in simpler word the media owner may and may not show some information or they might censor some news. Especially now that, there are tons of fake news being passed around like wild fires, it is easier to get tricked into reading the wrong information. That’s why many people nowadays do not only look at one source of news, but instead look at many different sources as different source might tell them another side of the story. There are both positivity and negativity on control of information flow but I personally feel the media should not hide anything and allow the public to know the truth behind all the matters and allow them to judge themselves. For example the earthquake that happened to LomBok, Indonesia on 5th August 2018. If someone were to only read news from Channel newsAsia
and StraightsTime, one would not know the condition of the tourist that were stranded on Gili island because it was not mentioned in both news. On CNN, the tourist that were stranded on Gili island was briefly mentioned “Meanwhile, the disaster management agency said Tuesday all of the 2,000 tourists on the Gili islands had now been evacuated.”
But as to how they were evacuated people do not know yet until they read news from the “Search teams rescued between 2,000 and 2,700 tourists from the Gili islands, three tiny, coral-fringed tropical islands off the north-west coast of Lombok. Footage posted online by rescue officials showed hundreds of panicked tourists and locals crowding on to powder-white beaches waiting for evacuation.
James Kelsall, a 28-year-old British tourist, was visiting one of the Gili islands with his partner when the quake struck. Speaking from a beach as he awaited evacuation, the teacher said: “There were lots of injuries and pain on the island from buildings that had collapsed on to people.
“The most terrifying part was the tsunami warning that followed. All the locals were frantically running and screaming, putting on lifejackets.” ” Even with news from the, it does not show the full story. “Michelle Thompson, an American holidaying on one of the Gilis, described a scramble to get on boats leaving for the main island during which her husband was injured. ” People were just throwing their suitcases on board and I had to struggle to get my husband on, because he was bleeding,” she said “. This was taken from which somehow showed the situation the tourist were facing but it is still not enough until one reads the news from where there is a short testimony from another tourist. “Saffron Amis is another traveller who remains stuck on the island after having slept “under the stars”. “Still stranded on Gili T,” she said. “Two small boats came this morning, charging us more money than we have to be evacuated! Those filled up within second. “Earlier, she wrote: “Finding it impossible to get off of Gili T, all of the tourist shops are shut and people are panick sic jumping onto boats. It’s going to be a long day.”
There was still no power, she said.”
This is the reason why a lot of people read news from different sources because just by reading one source will not tell you the full story to one matter. Yes, from the government point of view it is better to control the information as to decrease the fear that was placed just by the earthquake news in Indonesia. If by adding news about the tourist that were stranded on Gili island it may cause lesser people to travel there in case an earthquake happens again, the same old thing might happen. But as a point from someone who wants to know the full story from the locals to tourists, the media should not control any information and just release every single thing they know. After all, natural disasters are hard to predict and if someone is scared to go overseas in case of earthquake, they can chose other time of the year to go if they always read the news, they would know that from July to August it’s the few months of the year that lots of countries will be hit with natural disasters.

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