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Within the music industry, the USA is considered one of the biggest music publisher in the world, and the total revenue is expected to reach $22.6 billion by 2021. In the 1990 centuries, the music industry was heavily affected by piracy, iTunes was the very first method to compete against online piracy, which was essentially a method to sell albums on the internet. However, in 2006, the entrepreneur Daniel Ek, started a venture: Spotify. It consists of a software which offers songs; listeners would access to songs and albums for free. The application gives the opportunity to download songs into the devices, but to do so it is needed a monthly fee of $9.99. The Swedish application also worked efficiently to fight piracy in Europe. Before the launch in the US, Europe was the biggest music market. Ek found important that the launch in the US should be after the launch in Europe. The launch into European countries has been considered fundamental for Spotify’s growth because its expansion helped the service to localise itself in the market and establish against its competitors.Currently, Spotify is classified as the largest growing music streaming service in the world with millions of active users.  Therefore, with the monthly fee, the company has an obvious impact on the music industry in the US and Europe. Music streaming allows users access to tracks from their own devices legally and free of charge, a service now viewed as a path to the future of the music industry. The research question has been chosen particularly because of the increase in technological devices, and the increase of music media services around the world. The music streaming service growth will be analysed in different markets and in different continents, determining if there is a future for applications like Spotify. The analysis and answer of this question will be done by using secondary research like media articles because there is a huge range of sources and the analysis would be done through tools like the Ansoff Matrix to predict the future growth strategy. The SWOT Analysis to provide an understanding of the current market, Position Map determines whether the success among a new market would be successful as it is in the US and Europe. The Porter’s Five Forces Model is used to assess the current music industry market. Spotify BackgroundSpotify was officially launched in October 2008, by founder Daniel Ek who took the opportunity to create a service to replace piracy. After the great success as the second largest digital revenue in Europe, Spotify entered the US market in 2011. Spotify employs over 1400 people and is available in 23 countries and consists of two types of accounts, Spotify Free and Spotify Premium (Figure 1 shown below). By offering a free option, Spotify encourages free users to turn into paying users; meanwhile, the premium subscription of $9.99 per month offers unlimited listening and offline access to playlists on devices. It is estimated that ‘the average premium subscribers in the US is worth $16a year, while the average buyer of digital downloads or physical is worth about $14 year’.

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